Author: Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

Why teenagers engage in sexting and how to stop them

Why we are asking this now?While being parents you always praise the advancement of technology and the improvement in cellphone technology, you must also be aware of the dangers of sexting that might put you in great concern if you have teenage children a

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15 portable homeless shelters: Home away from home!

When we switched on the television on March 12, 2011, we were horrified by the rage of nature that was let loose on Japan. In similar disasters, we pause for some time to sympathize with the victims and thank God for saving us and not victimizing us. It w

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14 must-have hi-tech innovations for modern homes

It has been proved scientifically, that a warm glass of water in the morning is just the perfect cleaner for your body. But, trust me getting up in the morning is so much a pain, and then preparing a warm glass of water adds up to the misery. So, for.

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