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It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. There, families gather, entertain and prepare for the week ahead. While this is an integral part of a home, one might argue that the bedroom is the […]

Bedroom Design Tips for a Sound Sleep

Home Decor, or interior designing has an impact on your state of well being, and not just physical but also mental. It doesn’t need a study to confirm this, nor would you have to go see a shrink to get

home decor

People live in rented apartments owing to their transferable job or due to the property prices that have skyrocketed. Usually people refrain indulging in big things when they live in a temporary home because they fear their money will go

Smart home solutions for renters

The majority of homes come with corners that can hardly be used, and thus remain open and disconnected from the rest of the room decor. However, modern contemporary homes require you to utilize every little bit of space in your


<![CDATA[Books give us the excitement on our leisure time. They are our buddy when boredom strikes. Books boost our emotions and instill us with new learning. Oh you bookworm! Are those books arranged in a mess around your room, piled

Make A Small Home Library for your use

<![CDATA[If you would wish to entertain your guests, having a bar in your home is a great way to go0. It also provides the perfect environment to unwind after a long day of hard work and most probably it is

Planning your indoor home bar

<![CDATA[If you live in a country where you have to face extreme weather conditions, and you luckily happen to have a small shed in your backyard, then converting it into a wooden bathhouse is the right thing to do. Wooden


<![CDATA[Is your messy room killing your day? Or are you getting bored with your old bedroom style? There are some delightful ways of changing your gloomy room into a vivid one. Style doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Just let the

ways of brightening up your room

Basement is that area of the house that can confuse or keep you plain clueless, thinking how to utilise it perfectly. Lack of ventilation and darkness are the major weak points of basement rooms. However, if the following handy tips

enhance your basement

The most basic thing that you can do if you want to go green is to choose efficient lighting. You save not only environment friendly but also helps a lot in the form of small electricity bills. Following are some

choose energy efficient lighting
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