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Imagine hitting the gym or the jogging path with more than just the determination to work out—bring a style unmistakably yours. Custom fitness wear allows you to break away from the uniform look of standard activewear with personalized designs that […]


Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer in USA, and renowned for her amazing designs of handbags, apparels, shoes, and accessories. Now, she has hit the headlines with her first ever design in wearable technology, a bracelet that lights up when

Rebecca Minkoff - Presentation - February 2020 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Many women might agree that high heels attract them more in a showroom than a flat does. High heels look fab with any outfit, and make you look tall but there is no denying that high heels are high on

flats are all the rage this season

For many years now, earth friendly scientists and environmentalists have been lobbying for environment sustainability in order to fuel a better future. Sustainability relates to producing healthy products that both make great profits and maintain the local environment in the

Sustainable Fashion in Modern Era

We all see some people who always look good and unique and they never fail to leave others impressed with their great styling sense. They have a penchant to look different from the crowd and they never find solace in

solid style statement

Multiple ear piercings look cool on women and many women go for the look. Some women want to get those cool looking multiple ear piercings but they fear the pain a piercing might cause. If you are someone who has

Awesome ear cuff jewelry

All women and we girls like to look stunning. All of us thrive to look our best and we love to experiment with our looks, from clothing, to make-up and hairstyles. We can try numerous hairstyles to look good and

Touch up your hair with metal accessories

Fall is in gear to replace summers, which means the time has come to make a shift in your wardrobe. However, this changeover in the clothing style according to the season is not that easy, but the all-new moto jackets

All new Moto Jackets to amp up your style

Most fashions designers out there focus more on what to tell their clients to wear, instead of focusing on exactly how green their designs are. Most of us do not know about the benefits of opting for a green wardrobe

Sustainable Fashion Makes a Difference

It is just sufficient in making any parent pause. Teen years—often regarded as irresponsible and rebellious is a difficult stage that you as parents have to pass through while raising your kid into adulthood. In fact, confident parents too are

parenting tips for the turbulent teen years
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