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Awesome ear cuff jewelry for women

Awesome ear cuff jewelry

Multiple ear piercings look cool on women and many women go for the look. Some women want to get those cool looking multiple ear piercings but they fear the pain a piercing might cause. If you are someone who has a penchant for multiple piercings but you cannot withstand even mild pain, then the ear cuffs are exactly what you need. Ear cuff jewelry makes you fake multiple ear piercings. They are single piece ear jewelry but looks like as if you have multiple piercings in your ears. Ear cuffs make a stronger style statement than traditional earring any day. If you also want to make a style statement then add these following stunning ear cuffs to your jewelry collection.

Amber Sceats Right Ear Cuff

This gold and pearl design has such an eye-soothing quality. The design is a swirl made up of 18k gold plate and elegant imitation pearls. It covers your entire ear, it measures Width: 1.75in / 4.5cm Length: 2.5in / 6.5cm.

Gold Fuchsia Crystal Butterfly Ear Cuffs

Fuchsia color looks amazing on women, and the crystals work like a cherry on the cake. The ear cuff weighs 10.80 g, and has dimensions of 2.28″ x 0.78″. A butterfly with golden outline and fuchsia crystals studded all over looks amazing. It will work as a statement piece if you wear it with a simple dress of yours.

Wind Rider Fairy Ear Wrap Silver

This solid sterling silver ear wrap look like a thing from the world of fairies and magic. This magical earpiece is a brainchild of Marty Magic in Santa Cruz, California. It is designed in a way that the fairy’s wings adorn the front of your ear and the solid sterling silver wire get a hold of the back of your ear and keeps the ear cuff at its place. This fairy wrap comes for the left year only.

Spiro Ear Cuff Silver

This solid sterling silver Spiro ear cuff is again from the house of Marty Magic, California. It is a playful design that could be worn on both the ears. The spiral end twists up when you wear it on your left ear, and twists down when you shift it to your right ear. This ear cuff also requires no ear piercings, just slide it down from the top of your ear to the bottom along the cartilage’s edge. You can adjust the opening of the ear cuff to suit your ear’s thickness.

Dripping in Jewels Ear Cuff

This ear cuff is a dead gorgeous piece that will make you stand out of the crowd. It is beautiful combination of three colors – golden, black, and baby pink. The golden forms the base and the outline, the black color is used in the middle part of the design, and the outer most part is studded with baby pink pearls. The design appears, as if the jewels are gushing out of your ears. It is 2.5″ long from top to bottom. Simply pair this ear cuff with a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and black pumps, and you are ready to impress your friends and everybody.

Crystal Spray Ear Cuff

You will look no less than a diva with this sparkling ear cuff on your left year. This ear cuff is embellished with a number of sparkling glass crystals, and it hangs over your left ear with a hook. It is sold as single, not a pair, and it only fits the left ear.

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