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Warming during Permian-Triassic era stimulated the biggest extintion on earth

massive extinction in the permian triassic

Present is a key to the past, but past holds the key to the future. The sudden change in climate set the evolution process at par with extinction, resulting in the disappearance of a vast number of species. Reason? Lets find out.

Nearly 90 percent of the marine species vanished in the Permian-Triassic era and the fate of the terrestrial and arboreal was the same. With ever moving plates in the earth’s interior, plate tectonics stimulated the process of volcanism, spewing enormous amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere. In such a scenario, the global temperatures rose to an extent that stirred the atmosphere heating, choking the oxygen supply, resulting in the demise of many species that couldn’t sustain in such a warming.

huge volcanic eruption resulted in extinction

Such devastation can be immaculately matched with the present scenario, when artificial pollutants are fuelling the atmosphere and heating it up, endangering many species, while few getting extinct, changing the behavior of others. Many instances of coral bleaching due to environment instability have been witnessed of late, directing us to relate it to the past events.

Given today’s scenario, global warming will not only heat the earth from outside, but also inside, resulting in geological disturbance, followed by volcanic eruptions, heating of the atmosphere endangering life on the planet.

Current situation is ripe for a catastrophe, much more hazardous than witnessed billions of years back in the Permian-Triassic periods. Are we ready?



Via: Science Daily

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