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Global warming melting Mexican glaciers

global warming melting glacier

The inspirational Mexican glacial fields will last for another 20 to 30 years. Startled? With the global temperatures recording a massive surge in mercury, what else can be expected?

Himalayan glaciers are starting to melt. Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets have recorded retreat. And now it is time for Mexican glacial fields, being among the few tropical glacier regions, to record retreat, spelling doom for them. And I don’t think that anyone needs to be reminded of the reason behind such devastation. Quite clearly, global warming is sounding the death knell, threatening world over.

meltdown of glacier

If glaciers keep melting in such a way, it would mean, parched lands, desiccated rivers and devastated fields. Not only this, it will undoubtedly spell doom for coastal areas in the form of oceanic water submerging everything nearby and becoming vulnerable to persistent volcanism. If the scenario continues like this, the day isn’t far when even the glorious legends of the Mexican glacial fields will dry out like their progenitor.

It is understood that the nations need to emit greenhouse gases for sustenance of their economies, but is it sane to devastate our environment for worldly riches? Better we question ourselves, what are we getting by fuelling the atmosphere? Destroying the natural heritage like glaciers. Glaciers are naturally formed and sustain almost all the rivers, flowing from them. Environment is friendly when it remains undisturbed. Else, it strikes back. What we are witnessing in Mexican glacial fields is another example of the trouble knocking on our doors.



Via: Reuters

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