Dr Prem & Associates

Dr Prem & Associates provide high end services across the industry and across the globe. Dr Prem’s associates are leaders, managers, researches, authors, trainers and experts from more than 50 countries. Dr Prem & Associates together provide wide range of services, consultancy and guidance.


Associates Based in 35+ Countries


Services Offered in 70+ Countries


Over 700+ International Clients Served


Speeches and Training Delivered in 65+ Countries.

Services are provided across the sector, including


Medical Tourism

Wellness Tourism


Event Industry

Publication Industry

Web Technology

Training & Coaching

Medical Tourism and Patient Advisor

We are the worlds leading Medical Tourism Consulting Company with unmatched tools, technology, solutions, and services including Start-up, Marketing, Training, Start-Up, Planning, Promotion, Lead Generation, and Patient Management Services. Connect with us for more details.

Wellness Resort and Wellness Tourism

We are the global leader in wellness tourism and Wellness Resort Consultancy Services including, Design, Marketing, Training, Promotion, Investment, Merger, Acquisition, and Planning Services. Connect with us for more details.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Global Healthcare and Telemedicine

Award winning global healthcare leader with unmatched consulting services for – Global Healthcare Mergers, acquisitions, marketing, telemedicine, equipment planning, hospital development, hospital planning, healthcare marketing, health apps and tech solutions, healthcare AI, genomes, blockchain among other.


  • Our Associates have years of experience in respective  field
  • Our Associated have successfully publish their work in established publications across the globe
  • Our Associates have also demonstrated their capabilities by speaking in International seminars
  • Our Associates have commitment to provide highest quality services in association with Dr Prem
  • Our Associates are diverse and comer from different countries, background, religion & culture
  • Our Associates are carefully selected after meticulous selection process by Dr Prem’s Team
  • Our Associates have the proven ability to deliver excellent results to support our client’s requirements within specified productive and profitable measures.





Dr. Prem a chartered consultant along with global associate offer result oriented consultancy services across the globe. Dr Prem has an extensive portfolio of services in the field of Global Healthcare and Management. Dr. Prem has worked in association with major healthcare organizations in over 25 countries and brings with him a vast global experience. He uses his expertise research finding and the huge experience to develop management strategies for various organizations. Dr Prem’s Associates are established Global Experts in their respective profession and have contributed significantly.

Dr. Prem is highly qualified and his experience makes his consultancy services exceptional. He is in a unique position to understand the specialized needs of the healthcare sector. He is associated with global experts and healthcare authorities and is supported by a talented and experienced team. Dr Prem and his consultancy services are committed to helping healthcare organizations transform themselves into market leaders. Under his guidance many organizations have shown exponential growth and earned a strategic position in the business world.

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