Dr Prem & Associates

Dr Prem & Associates provide high-end services across the industry and across the globe. Dr Prem’s associates are leaders, managers, researches, authors, trainers and experts from more than 50 countries. Dr Prem & Associates together provide a wide range of services, along with consultancy and guidance.


Associates Based in 35+ Countries


Services Offered in 70+ Countries


Over 700+ International Clients Served


Speeches and Training Delivered in 65+ Countries.

Services are provided across various sectors, including


Medical Tourism

Wellness Tourism


Event Industry

Publication Industry

Web Technology

Training & Coaching

Medical Tourism and Patient Advisor

We are the world’s leading Medical Tourism Consulting Company with unmatched tools, technology, solutions, and services including Start-up, Marketing, Training, Start-Up, Planning, Promotion, Lead Generation, and Patient Management Services. Connect with us for more details.

Wellness Tourism and Wellness Resort Consultancy

We are the global leaders in wellness tourism and Wellness Resort Consultancy Services including, Design, Marketing, Training, Promotion, Investment, Merger, Acquisition, and Planning Services. Connect with us for more details.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Global Healthcare and Telemedicine

Award winning global healthcare leader offers unmatched consulting services in Global Healthcare Mergers, acquisitions, marketing, telemedicine, equipment planning, hospital development, hospital planning, healthcare marketing, health apps, tech solutions, healthcare AI, genomes, and blockchain among others.


  • Our Associates have years of experience in their respective fields of specialization
  • Our Associates have successfully published their works in established publications across the globe
  • Our Associates have also demonstrated their capabilities by speaking in International seminars
  • Our Associates have commitment to provide the highest quality services in association with Dr Prem
  • Our Associates come from different countries, backgrounds, religions and cultures
  • Our Associates are carefully selected after meticulous selection process by Dr Prem’s Team
  • Our Associates have the proven ability to deliver excellent results
  • Our Associates cater to client’s requirements within specified deadlines utilizing productive and profitable measures


Our key members, remote staff and consulting experts, and selective list of our Global Associates.

Dr Prem Jagyasi


Desh Sharma

Director, Operations 

Dagmara Krygier

Wellness Design Consultant

Nandini Moulik

Head – Research & Content

Anna Guchok

Global Wellness Coach

Bharat Jha

Head – Medical Tourism & Events

Karanza Patekar

Head – Wellness Resort Services

Dr Paata Ratiani

Consulting Associate, Georgia

Soumendra Patnaik

Chief Architect 

Shrujal Sanghvi

HR & Finance Manager

Sanket Nagulpelli

Head Web & Technology 

Oksana Svetenko

Consulting Associate, CIS Countries

Alina Deaconu

Nutritionalist and Consulting Associate, East Europe

Vishal Punjabi

Wellness Resort Manager & Client Relationship Manager

Pranjal Karad

Developer & Designer, Web Services

Shoeb Ansari

Manager – Publications and Digital Marketing 

Iqbal Hassan

Head, Asia Relationships 

Julia Vedmedenko

Consulting Associate, Ukraine

Nancy Riwattana

Stem Cells Expert & Consultant, Thailand

Karishma Tannan

Welness Therapy Consultant & Content Expert

Dr Catherine Demetriades

Consulting Associate, Cyprus

Cimentha Correia

Social Media Coordinator

Harshit Ahiwale

Head – Video & Digital Creation

Rajmee Baruah Sudarshan

Content Editor 

Pronati Sengupta

Head – Publications & Magazine Sales

Jairo Mateo

Marketing Associate, Latin America

Olga Tasdemir

Aesthetic Tourism Consulting Associate, Turkey

Dr Anil Bankar

Education & Training, Consulting Associate

Natalie Strokovska

Consulting Associates, Events

Aditya Baloria

Editor – Publications

Dr Renuka Yadav

Ayurveda and Naturopathy Training & Quality Consultant

Shailesh Patil

Manager – Patient & Medical Tourism Services

Dr Alkistis Agio

Wellness Coach & Consulting Associate, Greece

Dr Kumar Sarvi MD

Ayurveda – Wellness Center Quality Consultant

Amol Bare

Senior Manager – Web Services & App Development 

Pasang Sherpa

Consulting Associate & Events – Singapore 

Hamid Nazari

Consulting Associate, Iran

Deepika Prakash

Mental Wellness Consulting Associate

Nafas Bihamta

Travel Expert & Associate – Iran

Moataz Amin

Travel Expert and Consulting Associate, Egypt

Amani Saif Jordan

AI, Blockchain, Tech Associate, Jordan

Swapna Naik

Wellness Coach & consulting Associates

Malvika Shah

Editor & Travel Writer 

Neha Rathod

Resort Services Consultant 

Sneha Dhulap

Consulting Associates – HR 

Amlan Mansai

Patient Coordination

Pooja Shah

Editor & Content Research Expert

Ashutosh Mahanta

Architect & Resort Design Expert

Advocate Anita Patil

Anita Patil

Legal Consultant and Advisor

Ruchika Jagyasi

Ruchika Jagyasi

Digital Marketing Officer

Vishal Sharma

Content Marketing & Design Expert

Shaji Shamshudeen

Shaji Shamshudeen

UAE & Gulf Business Coordinator