Dr Prem & Associates provide high end services across the industry and across the globe. Dr Prem’s associates are leaders, managers, researches, authors, trainers and experts from more than 40 countries. Dr Prem & associates services range from consultancy to training.

Consultancy Services by Dr Prem and Associates

Dr. Prem a chartered consultant along with global associate offer result oriented consultancy services across the globe. Dr Prem has an extensive portfolio of services in the field of Global Healthcare and Management. Dr. Prem has worked in association with major healthcare organizations in over 25 countries and brings with him a vast global experience. He uses his expertise research finding and the huge experience to develop management strategies for various organizations.

Training Services by Dr Prem & Associates

Respected & magnificent trainer, Dr Prem has provided training through numerous focused workshops and presentations in over 30 countries. He is resourceful expert, with the experience in various segments. Dr. Prem’s training programs are comprehensive well researched programs that are practical oriented, which stimulate the thought process among the participants.

Medical Tourism Marketing & Promotion Services

Dr Prem Jagyasi, one of the leading Medical Tourism Consultant in the world offers high-profile global healthcare consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organisations and medical tourism facilitators. The health tourism consultancy services are provided in conjunction with international and regional representatives.

Dr Prem Web Network - 50+ Websites | Millions of readers

50 Websites | Thousands of Articles | Millions of readers

The modern day virtual visibility determines your success rate.  We are all about visibility. You can find us everywhere on the worldwide web. Our comprehensive presence reflects in our ability to get to the nuances of the business. In this day and age, information is power, and we are master of providing information.


Developed over 100 websites | 10+ mobile apps | 10 Web Apps

Dr Prem’s Web Services team offers comprehensive web management services, team has developed entire online structure to provide leverage to your growth plans big times. You can avail our services and reap the benefits of the most comprehensive, yet most affordable web services available.

Personal Branding Consultancy Services

Comprehensive personal branding consultancy, marketing and online presence strategy for you. After identifying your true strength we will propose you a strategy along with your personal website which will allow you to get better results in your life. All personal branding packages includes consultancy from Dr Prem, who has guided celebrities, global experts and many successful individuals

About Dr Prem’s Associates

  • Our Associates have years of experience in respective  field
  • Our Associated have successfully publish their work in established publications across the globe
  • Our Associates have also demonstrated their capabilities by speaking in International seminars
  • Our Associates have commitment to provide highest quality services in association with Dr Prem
  • Our Associates are diverse and comer from different countries, background, religion & culture
  • Our Associates are carefully selected after meticulous selection process by Dr Prem’s Team
  • Our Associates have the proven ability to deliver excellent results to support our client’s requirements within specified productive and profitable measures.

Services offered by Dr Prem & Associates

  • Consultancy

  • Training

  • Research

  • Outsourcing

  • Publication Management

  • Online Management

  • Lean Management

  • Leadership & Personal Development

  • Self Branding

Services are provided across the sector, including

  • Healthcare

  • Pharma

  • Management

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Publication Industry


  • Online Industry


  • Services Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry