Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant

patientcareDr Prem is a world renowned Global Healthcare Outsourcing Consultant who offers eminent global healthcare outsourcing consultancy services supporting government healthcare authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitators. The global healthcare outsourcing consultancy services is delivered with the professionals from local and global agents. Custom-made, designer and complete consultancy services are offered centred at specific requests. Please contact Dr Prem for more details.

3D Image Processing

3D image processing is a radically emerging and commanded service not only in Healthcare industry but by various other industries too. 3D image is attained when several 2D images are pooled together. 3D Image processing has a key goal of achieving the best likely copies in the maximum ingenuous way so as to aid the doctors; specialist or technologists to get a image of the object in a significantly superior mode from all the insights.

Accounts Receivable Management Service

Accounts receivable management is a process which involves evolving cash flow system and decreasing claims refusal. Accordingly the accounts receivable are turned into cash which can be employed by the firm for enhanced resolutions. An Accounts receivable management service aids the healthcare organization by taking care of follow ups of awaiting claims, starting collections, locating the causes for claims rejections, following unsettled receivable by purchaser and providing information from time to time when the due date of payment is exceeded.

Charge entry process

Charge entry process is a service which profits the healthcare organization to improve the productivity and cut the time spent in repetitive entering of charges data.

Claims Processing software

Claims processing software is software that benefits to achieve the entire claims process right from reporting to reimbursement. This software is useful in settling the claims even if they are complex.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a software database application envisioned to create and mature organization workflow. Each stage of the patient consultation can be copied by the EMR system – refining capability, productivity, and revenues.

Healthcare software

Healthcare software is a key for a healthcare organization which supports the organization to cope numerous structures that are interconnected. Ever since the prominence of this software is slowly been recognized by many healthcare organizations, the request for the same has been rising. Healthcare experts bank on healthcare software as it provides comprehensive healthcare software solutions.

Indexing Medical Records

Indexing medical records is an authoritative chore as it involves amalgamating and storing of data. The whereabouts of patients, clinical history, insurance details, etc. is protected with the assistance of Indexing Medical Records. The authorized person can access any data about the patient in a wink. Since it is mandatory from the legal point of view to store patient data, this is an excellent solution.

Medical Animation

Innumerable medical visuals or snapshots collectively meet to form Medical animation. Medical animation comforts any layman to know the convolutions involved in many medical circumstances. Medical Animation can escort people, who have no medical background; with medical knowledge.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing is related with medical codes, documentation, medical claims and settlements. As it contains countless multifaceted issues it is essential to take good precaution of it. It also helps in patient follow-up.

Outsourcing medical billing is an unsurpassed elucidation that a healthcare organization can consider to evade any glitches rising owing to carelessness in the billing process. It is a global movement and its worth is by now experienced by so many organizations globally.

Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing is associated with compensating the money from patients for the medical facilities delivered to them. As it is a actual intricate route, it is anytime suitable to outsource this service. It consists of many steps like verifying the documents, validating the claims, etc.

Medical Coding

Medical coding is the conversion of narrative justifications of disorders, injuries, and healthcare systems into codes which are represented as numbers or alphabets. The code for each term is permanent and signifies exact description of the illness. It is used in diagnosis, treatment, giving medicines and injections. This is useful in hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges. You can get the CDI Pocket Guide to ensure your medical coder is documenting correctly.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is a diagnostic system which produces 2D and 3D images of the living body consequently assisting in diagnosing the particular difficulty in the body. Numerous difficulties like sicknesses inside the body, problem outside the body/on the outer surface of the skin can be effortlessly identified without affecting the body.


Telemedicine is a healthcare solution that offers its consumers a two way communication between doctor and patient using the newest expertise settled in IT and telecommunications industry. A technology which allows the doctor and patient to use videoconferencing to converse the health situation and the management, also sharing x-ray photographs, operation videos etc. is what we call Telemedicine. It helps you to invest your valuable resources in other more important tasks.


Teleradiology is the facility to direct radiographic images (x-rays) from one place to another. Image, sending station, receiving station and transmission network are the vital tools which are obligatory for Teleradiology model to work.

Teleradiology works when two systems are connected through internet. The receiving station having superiority presentation monitors aid to get the clinical purpose done. Images can also be converted into hardcopy from the printer. A scanner is required to send the images.