Dr. Prem as a Corporate Wellness Consultant

With the increasing incidence of lifestyle disorders and other health problems, there is a need for reformation of healthcare programs. Employers are becoming more aware of the health conditions of their employees and feel the need to invest in healthcare programs that can ensure a sound and healthy workforce.

Corporate wellness


As the foundation of improved healthcare programs for the employees is laid, corporate wellness has taken a center stage. Corporate wellness programs are incorporated into the system to uphold a healthy work environment.

As this a fairly novel concept that has to be introduced into the organization plans, it is essential to develop strategies and build a strong foundation for the best prospects. Although it may sound simple, but there are lot of technicalities involved in the whole process and it would be a wise decision to take the help of a wellness consultant to guide the organization through the entire course of action.

Corporate wellness consultant

A corporate wellness consultant is a person or a guide, who can lead the organization towards the goal of achieving a healthy workplace with a sound workforce. The first step in corporate wellness program is developing strategies, financial planning, communication, execution, follow-up and performance metrics.

As a wellness consultant, you need a person, who is excellent in strategic planning, keeping in mind the needs of the organization and those of their employees. Employers now realize that hiring a corporate wellness consultant is a wiser investment keeping in view their healthier workforce and the reduction in medical healthcare costs or fewer insurance claims.

How can Dr. Prem make a difference?

Dr. Prem is a chartered consultant and has a vast exposure of working in many countries and for many organizations. He is a strategic planner and has a wide experience in the field of planning wellness programs.

Dr. Prem as a corporate wellness consultant brings up innovative concepts as regards simple modifications in the lifestyle. He appreciates healthy lifestyle himself and gives advice on making healthier lifestyle options like fitness, healthy eating and stress management.

Dr. Prem is an excellent speaker and is considered to have exceptional communication skills. His speeches usually leave the audience spellbound and create a lasting effect on the minds of the listeners. He has spoken in many international conferences and has the knowledge and expertise to share with the listeners.

Dr. Prem excels the art of understanding the client’s needs and developing strategies to suit them. His personality and his skills have the capacity to convert lazy thoughts into enthusiasm, which persuade the listeners to follow a healthy lifestyle regime under his able guidance.

Why choose Dr. Prem?

Dr. Prem is a world-renowned chartered consultant and has travelled across the globe for business purposes. He has worked with different governments in many countries. He is aware of different cultures and knows what exactly suits in the required place.

Dr. Prem brings with him great experience in wellness tourism also and is just perfect to provide wellness solutions that are designed based on the requirements and culture of the concerned of the organization.

Dr. Prem is an experienced consultant and is able to give wellness solutions that best suits the cultural, financial and wellness needs of the organization. He has the knack of motivating people, which helps in promoting the employees to participate in the wellness programs.

Backed by a sound support system Dr. Prem, plans successful wellness programs, designs metrics required to evaluate the progress and keeps in view other marketing strategies like branding and promotion. The programs and initiatives undertaken by Dr. Prem are fun-filled, interactive and health centered to build- a healthy and hearty workforce.

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