natural touch for our wrinkles

Getting a natural touch for our wrinkles and other skin problems with Cosmetic Acupuncture

Gone are the days when people used to inject themselves with fillers in order to look younger. The most recent ...

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5 Important responsibilities a medical traveler should shoulder

As a medical traveler, you have every right to expect certain conditions and terms from your medical tourism providers and ...

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5 Anti-aging Yoga asanas to retain your health and youthfulness

The war against aging is a never ending one with literally hundreds of individuals fighting in it every day. Sadly, ...

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Man visiting doctors

Signs that would alert you to stay away from a medical tourism destination

Medical tourism has been on the rise for quite some time now. More and more individuals from countries like the ...

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Electronic medical record system.

Easy access to medical records a necessity for quality overseas healthcare

When dealing with medical tourists, it is imperative that the attending doctor gets access to the patient’s previous medical records ...

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Senior Woman Comforting Depressed Husband Sitting On Bench

5 Medical tourism destinations that offer tons of fun in adventure holidays

Majority of medical travelers seek out destinations that allow them to relax and recuperate peacefully after their treatment. However, there ...

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fertility tourism

5 Countries that are at the forefront for fertility tourism

The number of individuals traveling abroad for fertility treatments has risen significantly over the past few years. Also called as ...

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money for tummy pregnant

Things to know when choosing a surrogacy center

A lot of couples with fertility issues have started opting for surrogacy in order to build families and lead an ...

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Middle East medical tourism (2)

The flow of medical tourism is bending towards the Middle East

Countries like India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, etc. experience a steady influx of medical tourists the year around. However, of ...

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Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

Services you can reasonably expect from a medical tourism facilitator

The general notion is that a medical tourism facilitator is nothing more than just another travel agent who arranges your ...

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Nurses Standing Outside A Hospital

Creating a niche to boost competitiveness in medical tourism

Medical tourism is increasingly becoming competitive in today’s globalized world. Participation where medical tourism is concerned is broad and works ...

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User holding an IPad with Facebook home page on screen

Using Facebook to connect with potential Medical Tourists

The medical tourism industry has much to benefit from the use of social media because of the influence it has ...

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