Medical Tourism Offbeat

Processes Involved in a Body Makeover for Mommies

Many mommies undergo plastic surgery to help them deal with their body issues following breastfeeding and pregnancy. Mommy makeovers have…

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5 Medical Careers That Won’t Be Replaced by AI

Have you ever wondered what jobs are susceptible to artificial intelligence (AI)? A recent World Economic Forum study found that…

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How Bariatric surgery is spurting global medical tourism

Obesity has turned out to be another leading killer disease panning across the globe. Weighing 20% more than the normal…

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Latin America’s Ibogaine Therapy is a locally legal addiction recovery therapy

Ibogaine therapy is slowly gaining ground as an addiction recovery therapy. It is a powerful hallucinogenic drug that is obtained…

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Cannabis to provide much needed boost to Jamaican health and wellness tourism

Medical tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and countries worldwide are trying their best to attract as many medical tourists…

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