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Medical tourism is the fastest-growing industry where about millions of people travel from one location to another across the globe for quality treatments. Turkey has emerged as one of the major medical tourism destinations. It […]

An Interview with Nadezhda Koshan

Most of the media attention given to medical tourism focuses on the growing trend of Americans seeking out more cost-effective medical services in other countries due to the escalating prices of healthcare in the US.

Medical Tourism in US

With global medical tourism sector booming, Brazil is doing great in establishing itself successfully as one of the top medical tourism destinations preferred by medical tourists. And why not? Since people are clubbing their vacationing

Medical Tourism in Brazil

Reporters have given Taiwan the title of “sleeping giant” in the Asian Medical Tourism industry.Taiwan received more than 300,000 medical tourists in 2015, and the number has increased over the years.  The country has so

Medical Tourism in Taiwan

Switzerland was one of the first health tourism destinations in the early 19th century when wealthy travelers came to spas. Prior to medical tourism became a full-fledged industry, local hospitals and clinics have treated well

Medical Tourism in Switzerland

In comparison to its Middle East counterparts, the medical tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is not highly developed or well-promoted. However, with the abundance of wealth and luxury that this oil-rich country has, the medical

Medical Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Quick turnaround in services and high-quality low-cost treatments continue to drive the medical tourism market in Lithuania. Of late, more Brits are thronging this East European country for quick and timely medical assistance. Truly, they

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Lebanon has always been a prime cosmetic surgical destination in the Middle East and now is being recognized as a hot medical tourism location in the world. While witnessing their Middle Eastern counterparts so successful

medical tourism in Lebanon

The beautiful weather and sandy beaches of Malta bring in tourists all the year round. However, Malta is also making a name for itself within the EU for being a destination where tourists can relax.

Medical Tourism in Malta

Once a country that was horrified by the after effects of a war has now become one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Even though not commonly referred to as a key medical

Medical Tourism in Japan
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