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One of the main benefits of medical tourism is the significant cost-savings. It remains the prime driver of medical tourism as well. This is due to the fact that the cost of healthcare at many of the […]

Why medical tourism treatment costs are cheaper abroad without any quality compromise – Insights by Dr. Prem

Patient engagement in medical tourism is more than a buzzword; it’s a pivotal approach to ensuring patient satisfaction and successful health outcomes. Unlike traditional healthcare settings, medical travel introduces unique challenges and opportunities in cultivating

A Guide on Understanding Patient Engagement in Medical Travel by Dr Prem Jagyasi– Important Factors, Role of Caregiver and Facilitators, Technology, and Others

Medical tourism in China presents an interesting scenario. Does it favor inbound or outbound medical tourism? China has gained reputation as one of the prime source countries for medical tourism since last few years where

Medical Tourism in China

Medical tourism is one of the biggest industries in Argentina. The country receives medical tourists throughout the year, generating revenue not just in the healthcare sector but also in the hospitality and entertainment sector. Over

Medical Tourism in Argentina

Today people can easily travel around the world and take advantage of cost effective quality medical care, many low destinations with excellent medical facilities attracting increasing number of medical tourists. Consequently medical tourism industry is

The future of medical tourism

The 6th medical conference was held in Greece from 12th -14th February organized by EuroEvents, the famous European company. Mr. Ilan Geva, a globally renowned branding expert graced the event. His thoughts on the role

Mr. Ilan Geva

Rising healthcare costs and tighter compliance regulations pertaining to employee healthcare plans are pushing the US business organizations seek low-cost innovative healthcare solutions for employees without compromising on quality. Direct contracting between the employers and


The 1st Adriatic Health and Investment Forum 2017 held in Zagreb, Croatia from 12th-13th October entirely dedicated to Investment in Medical Tourism brought to light one of the growing demands of this sector. I was

Adriatic Health and Investment Forum 2017

The huge exodus of Nigerian patients seeking quality healthcare solutions in India and other countries has forced the Nigerian health minister and the concerned officials to stress seriously on healthcare infrastructure development of the country

Nigerian Minister Wants To Stop

The Dubai Health Authority recently held a meeting with private sector hospitals. The main motive of the meeting was to discuss the strategy to strengthen medical tourism initiative for Dubai. It includes steps to provide

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