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South Korea, also known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” is a land of dualities that combines ancient traditions with modern infrastructure creating pleasant experiences for tourists as well as healthcare seekers. The increasing […]


The general understanding of patient experience in medical tourism isvery limited. It isnot related to medical treatments only. Even if a patient gets the best specialist, best facility, and the best pricethat they are looking

patient experience in medical tourism by Dr Prem

Traveling as a medical tourist can be lucrative as it allows a person to get medical treatment along with a vacation in an exotic land. However, if you want a successful outcome and have a

Medical Tourism Planning

Opting for treatment in foreign locations means moving out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you have to possess a clear insight into not only the treatment process but all related aspects as well. That said,

effective communication for medical tourists

The islands of Barbados are famous tourist destination. The tourism industry is one of the major industries here and represents nearly 25% of the gross domestic product. Nearly 1 million tourists visit the coasts of

Medical Tourism in Barbados and Caribbean

Even though the major focus of medical tourism in the UK has been on outbound tourism – British patients seeking healthcare out of the UK due to long waiting list, yet UK remains one of

Medical Tourism in UK

Singapore has long been a premier destination for healthcare attracting patients not only from Asia, but from across the world. Singapore’s investments in state-of-the-art, advanced medical technologies achieve economic cost-efficiency when large numbers of patients

Medical Tourism in Singapore

Belgium has become a prime destination in Europe for tourists seeking medical care. Belgium offers its citizens and foreign paying patients high quality medical services at a much lower rate compared to other European countries,

Medical Tourism in Belgium

The medical tourism industry has seen a significant increase in the number of patients traveling abroad for eye treatments over the past few years. A lot of individuals are seen making the choice to travel

Eye treatments popular with medical tourists worldwide

Dr. Prem’s guidebook on Medical tourism is a section on ‘Who to Seek Guidance From’. A facilitator is very familiar with medical tourism and the process a patient should follow, they also have a strong

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