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The discourse on evolving medical tourism trends often centers on the broad general market, leaving a critical and dynamic segment- the LGBTQ+ community on the sidelines. Kudos to the recent ITB Berlin 2024 Event for holding an […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Empowered Medical Tourism for LGBTQ+ Community by Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Medical tourism in Asia has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments in the region, and post-pandemic the outlook is robust. According to Fitch Solutions, medical tourism prospects in most of the South East Nations

A Complete Guide to Medical Tourism in Asia

Medical tourism matchmaking involves identifying the right services matching the requirements and objectives of a medical traveler in terms of cost, quality and processing time. Dr Prem Jagyasi, in a recent medical tourism conference in

medical tourism conference in Euroevents

Do you know what is the biggest pain of medical tourists? It is getting reliable information and support to make their overseas treatment a successful venture. Medical tourism facilitators stand as indispensable pillars, bridging the

medical tourism facilitators

Medical tourism in Georgia holds incredible untapped potential waiting to be explored. Georgia is poised to become the medical tourism hub in Transcaucasia offering transformative healthcare and wellness experiences.Georgia’s favorable geographical location makes it the

Guide to Medical Tourism in Georgia – Facts, Trends, News, Services, Research, Business and Updates by Dr Prem

It is true, more people are opting for medical tourism, but making it a successful venture all alone in a foreign land is never easy.  While factors like cost savings, quality healthcare and specialized procedures

A Guide About the Role of Travel Agencies in Medical Tourism – Importance, Essential Features, Market Opportunity and Tips for Medical Tourists

Embarking on a healthcare journey is a very important decision that you have made and it requires a lot of planning.  In order to ensure thorough planning and proper organization, you need to gather a

How to get authentic information for medical tourism

The whole process of medical tourism can be very harsh on your wallet and bank accounts. Appropriate budgeting for the entire trip will alleviate the stress of having to pay extra fees or for any

Budgeting for Medical Tourism

It is extremely important for every medical tourist to know of post-operative care in medical tourism. You may not find this discussion in medical tourism books and guides. If patients are availing surgical procedures or treatments then post-operative

Planning Post Operative Care and Continuity of Care in Medical Tourism

Most people who plan to go on medical tourism consider a destination that offers them high standards of healthcare at affordable costs. Czech Republic is one such destination that provides all this and much more

Medical Tourism in Czech Republic
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