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Faith in science attracts health care seekers and accordingly, any groundbreaking invention draws millions to avail the specific treatment. Stem cell based therapy, one of the most talked about subjects in health care sector promising […]

Guide to Stem Cell Treatments in Medical Tourism

Belgium has become a prime destination in Europe for tourists seeking medical care. Belgium offers its citizens and foreign paying patients high quality medical services at a much lower rate compared to other European countries,

Medical Tourism in Belgium

Medical aka health tourism is becoming a very popular concept these days. The term denotes the journey undertaken by patients, from Western countries to developing nations, around the world for medical procedures/treatments. While cost savings

process of getting involved in medical tourism

Facts and Myths Growth of tourism industry Many people are of the notion that medical tourism is a booming industry that has exponential growth. This is because this is being advertised more than required so

With the world becoming a global village and the advent of modern technologies, medical tourism industry is blooming and has experienced a tremendous growth during the past decades. Several factors have contributed towards the development

Patient & Doctors in Operating Room

The medical tourism industry in India has been steadily growing over the past few years. Of late, the nation has started experiencing a higher influx of medical travelers from Afghanistan and has plans to tapping

The number of people seeking medical treatments in foreign lands has increased immensely during the past few years. Inexpensive costs along with free vacation in foreign location attract many people from the developed countries to

Advancement in technology and its applications has transformed the face of global healthcare. With the technology processing day by day, we now have solutions for almost every kind of disease and problem. The standards of

Better communication, access to information and the development of the global healthcare industry has provided people a chance to choose a healthcare destination according to their affordability and convince. The internet and the other means

Medical facilities are very expensive in most of the developed countries. Moreover, there is a long waiting list for getting these treatments. This has given rise to a new industry- medical tourism. Patients often travel

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