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Senior medical tourism has carved a niche for itself in the medical tourism market. Nearly 45% of medical tourists worldwide are within 40-60 years and individuals aged 60 and above make up 25% of them (Statista). By […]

Guide to Medical Tourism for Seniors

Medical tourism matchmaking involves identifying the right services matching the requirements and objectives of a medical traveler in terms of cost, quality and processing time. Dr Prem Jagyasi, in a recent medical tourism conference in

medical tourism conference in Euroevents

Technology has made it possible for the patient, irrespective of his geographical location, to interact with medical professionals and receive much needed health care on time. The trend often referred to as Telemedicine is becoming a rage

Telemedicine in Medical Tourism

The general understanding of patient experience in medical tourism isvery limited. It isnot related to medical treatments only. Even if a patient gets the best specialist, best facility, and the best pricethat they are looking

patient experience in medical tourism by Dr Prem

Traveling as a medical tourist can be lucrative as it allows a person to get medical treatment along with a vacation in an exotic land. However, if you want a successful outcome and have a

Medical Tourism Planning

Branding of a medical tourism destination is essential to stand out in competition by making its products/services distinguishable from that of other destinations. It helps in creating a trustable identity in the medical tourism sector.

Branding of Medical Tourism Destinations by Dr Prem

Not having a clear understanding of the medical tourist’s journey is the biggest mistake you will ever do for your medical tourism business. Medical tourist journey mapping helps to get a clear vision of theend-to-end

Medical Tourism Journey of a patient

The medical tourism industry needs better solutions to fast overcome the lull phase, and this could be achieved by integrating wellness. Global healthcare burden in tremendous with more than 50% of countries unable to provide


Medical tourism has emerged as an industry that has been developing at a very high speed. New countries, for example those mentioned in our medical tourism destination guide,  are becoming a part of it every

Medical Tourism Business by Dr Prem

The medical tourism industry has seen a sudden spike in recent years owing to skyrocketing healthcare costs in Western countries and the easy access to quality healthcare facilities in developing countries. Of late, the PPP

Understanding the benefits of PPP in medical tourism
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