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With the rising popularity of medical tourism, most of the countries are on their way to develop best medical facilities with luxurious lodging facilities. The main motive behind this is to make the country as the best medical tourism destination so that they can attract more international patients and can earn huge profit. Countries like China, South Korea, and Russia are emerging as best medical tourism destination as they are trying their best to improve health care facilities up to an international level so that the citizen of China can get quality and affordable healthcare in their own country.

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Additionally, some countries are also introducing new visa waiver programs between two or more countries in order to increase the number of medical tourists in their countries. According to this contract, people of both the countries do not have to follow visa and other legal formalities. People can easily get the desired treatment without spending much. The USA is offering cost effective medical facilities to its people so that they do not have to cross the international boundaries for quality yet affordable medical treatment.

The Global Healthcare Travel Forum and Conference (GHTF) continues to be a pivotal event in medical and wellness tourism. The recently concluded GHTF 2024, held from May 8-11, is a testimony to this. Organized by […]

Review of Global Healthcare Travel Forum (GHTF) by Dr.Prem Jagyasi

Effective handling of patient objections in medical tourism is a critical success determiner. Prospective patients will express interest but will pause before purchase. The journey from the ‘interested’ stage to the ‘purchase’ stage is ridden

A Guide on How to Handle Patient Objections in Medical Tourism by Dr. Prem

Medical tourism has given people a chance to get out of their town and board a flight to faraway countries to get the medical treatment they need. It has broadened the horizons for patients and

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Getting international patients in medical tourism has always been the biggest challenge. Even a promising global medical tourism market doesn’t make everything rosy.Quality leads don’t come easily.  Growing complexities in medical tourism are making things

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If anything that has churned most conversations in medical tourism trends, it is about quality. Amid the growing medical tourism options, is quality suffering or winning? The recent gala ITB Berlin 2024 event further underscored

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The discourse on evolving medical tourism trends often centers on the broad general market, leaving a critical and dynamic segment- the LGBTQ+ community on the sidelines. Kudos to the recent ITB Berlin 2024 Event for holding an

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Senior medical tourism has carved a niche for itself in the medical tourism market. Nearly 45% of medical tourists worldwide are within 40-60 years and individuals aged 60 and above make up 25% of them (Statista). By

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Medical tourism matchmaking involves identifying the right services matching the requirements and objectives of a medical traveler in terms of cost, quality and processing time. Dr Prem Jagyasi, in a recent medical tourism conference in

medical tourism conference in Euroevents

Not many medical tourism providers know that a positive provider-patient relationship would be the driving factor for many medical tourists when choosing an appropriate medical tourism destination and healthcare facility for treatment. Patient relationship management

A Guide on Patient Relationship Management in Medical Tourism by Dr. Prem - Concept, Importance, Strategies, and Useful Tips

Technology has made it possible for the patient, irrespective of his geographical location, to interact with medical professionals and receive much needed health care on time. The trend often referred to as Telemedicine is becoming a rage

Telemedicine in Medical Tourism
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