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Dr. Prem’s Globally-Acclaimed Masterclass Sets The Vision of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism in Mauritius, Debuts WellMed Trip

Dr. Prem’s Globally-Acclaimed Masterclass Sets The Vision of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism in Mauritius, Debuts WellMed Trip

After delivering impactful masterclasses in more than 65 countries, Dr. Prem graced the pristine shores of Mauritius. His signature masterclass focused on sustainable medical tourism and wellness tourism in Mauritius and Africa held on 30th August at Henessy Park Hotel was a grand success. Another feather added to his illustrious cap!

The masterclass was completely sold out and recorded a full house attendance.  The launching of Well Med Trip, an established medical tourism company, in Mauritius, was an added attraction. Their presence in this island nation means a lot for this evolving sector.

A high-level attendance of top-level ministers, professionals, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders added credibility and gravitas to the occasion underscoring the need to boost this high-potential sector in Mauritius.

Dr Prem’s masterclass covered a range of relevant topics that empowered attendees with a clear vision and roadmap. Pleasant interactions and joyful moments created the bonhomie that prevailed throughout the event.

The Event Highlights – How it is significant for Mauritius?

masterclass focused on sustainable medical tourism and wellness tourism in Mauritius

Mauritius, long known as the luxury tourism destination for honeymooners and families, needed a star-studded event to emerge as the ‘Pearl of Medical and Wellness Tourism in the Indian Ocean’. Participation by top-level delegates from the Ministry of Health and Tourism, and officials of the economic board heralded the government’s wholehearted support to this emerging industry.

The event kicked off with an introduction to Medical Tourism, Wellness Tourism, and Global Healthcare by Dr PremJagyasi. Soon after this, Well Med Trip launched a grand inauguration confirming their operational headquarters in Mauritius. In a brief inaugural speech Mr. Kamal Muhammed, the CEO of Well Med Trip, spoke about the company’s present and future role in driving global medical tourism in this region and beyond.

Dr. Prem’s speech on “Sustainable Development of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism in Mauritius and African Region” was the prime highlight of the event. He said, “Prioritizing the development of sustainable medical and wellness tourism for the Mauritius market through capacity building and global promotion of what Mauritius offers will be our foremost goal shortly”.

The event received massive support from Air Mauritius, a key stakeholder in medical tourism and other travel and tour operators. The widespread media coverage also contributed to the successful launch of Well Med Trip.

Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass Agenda

Dr Prem's masterclass rolled on with insightful discussions

The agenda was focused on the sustainability of medical tourism in Mauritius considering its geographical position, special attributes, and challenges. Can Mauritius build an exclusive niche? The masterclass rolled on with insightful discussions on the “Growing Trends of Wellness Tourism and Corporate Wellness Tourism” with Dr Prem pinpointing the opportunities that Mauritius can tap into. Blessed with pristine nature, heritage landscapes, cultural confluences, and growing medical facilities and expertise, opportunities in Mauritius are aplenty.

Dr Prem also discussed at length the emerging medical tourism trends and how Mauritius can have an edge over others in this respect. Discussions on the dynamics of AI in Digital Marketing for medical and wellness tourism was amazing.

Dr Prem uncovered the potential of AI with proven insights gathered from personal experience.Delegates from the ministries and Well Med Trip lauded Dr. Prem’s well-crafted masterclass topics that helped them realize the potential of medical tourism and wellness tourism in Mauritius.

Dr Prem’s masterclasses also create great business networking opportunities in medical tourism. It has been a significant part of the event something beyond the casual meet-and-greet interactions. Leaders and professionals from different corners of the world were found happily exchanging ideas and proposals. The masterclass rounded up with conclusion notes from partners, certificate distribution, and a great 121-photo session to add to memorabilia.

Mauritius Gets a Wider Global Attention

Dr Prem's signature masterclass

For quite some time, this island nation has been receiving 12000-15000 foreign medical tourists a year. Very few are aware of it.Dr Prem’s exclusive targeted masterclass and the launch of Well Med Trip on this soil provided a strong foundation for Mauritius to grow and thrive in medical and wellness tourism. The vision is set.

Patients from France, Germany, EU nations, Africa, Reunion, Madagascar, and other island nations avail specific treatments in Mauritius. The “pull” factor is strong – a good healthcare system and some great offerings by resorts and clinics. Mauritius, despite being a small island, continues to make notable strides in healthcare.

Tourists enjoy the pristine nature and tranquil shores with their average stay spanning from 10-11 days. Post-pandemic, the scenario is even more promising with tourist stays getting extended for days!Mauritius has been the choicest luxury holiday destination for Europeans for ages. For patients needing resource-intensive specialty treatments that are either unavailable, too costly, or restricted in their home countries, Mauritius is the go-to destination. 

Launching of Well Med Trip

Mr. Kamal Muhammed, the CEO of Well Med Trip

The Well Med Trip was founded by Mr. N.M.Sunil Kumar, a mining entrepreneur with established businesses in Mauritius, Madagascar, and the UAE.  Mr. Kamal Muhammed, the CEO of Well Med Trip, was quoted saying, “We have partnered with multi-specialty hospitals and clinics for modern healthcare services along with authentic ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani streams of traditional therapies and systems of holistic medicines in Kerala to be provided through associates present across the regions”.

The company has tie-ups with Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital, and Dhanwantari Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala. According to Mr. Kamal, “Authentic Ayurveda treatment is a specialized service.” This traditional healing system with roots in India has been increasingly woven with medical tourism packages creating hyper-personalized programs for patients.

The debut of Well Med Trip in Mauritius comes at an opportune moment when global medical tourism has joined hands with wellness tourism. The government is putting effortsinto creating more authentic Ayurvedic wellness experiences on the Mauritian shores that would likely double the tourist numbers.

Well Med Trip is focused on unmatched quality and personalized care. Mr. Kamal said, “Our aim is to deliver unmatched services and personal care at all touchpoints ensuring the safety, convenience, and well-being of our patients in all phases of medical travel -before, during, and after treatment.  Across the globe, travel for treatment is a concern. However, it’s Well Med Trip’s non-compromising service that will give them an unforgettable experience. From the moment a patient or a bystander contacts us for treatment of their choice at a preferred hospital/clinic, we ensure the best service with curated wellness programs and other rejuvenating activities.”

Mauritius Masterclass of Dr.Prem

According to the country director Mr. Ravindranath Ghunowa and Executive Director Middle East, Mr. Anand Nair, Well Med Trip offers a plethora of services and support to patients and wellness seekers from any corner of the world. The company assures to create unforgettable medical and wellness tourism experiences by enabling patients to avail world-class treatments even for the most complicated conditions in their preferred facilities and destinations anywhere in the world.

Well Med Trip believes that Ayurveda is a very specialized service that can boost the holistic well-being of individuals through structured programs and interventions. The company has plans to set up four authentic Ayurvedic Treatment centers in different districts of Mauritius with due support from partners in India.

The company is confident about the remarkable future of traditional and authentic Ayurveda in Mauritius creating a win-win situation for both the country and the company.At the post-event press conference, Well Med Trip expressed its vision – “To be the first choice of patients for their value-based services”.

Sustainability of Medical Tourism – The Focus of Masterclass

Dr Prem holds a strong opinion on the sustainability of medical tourism

Dr Prem holds a strong opinion on the sustainability of medical tourism. According to him, medical tourism should not be one-way traffic. Prolonged outbound medical tourism of a country leads to massive drainage of resources making it unsustainable in the long run.

Africa loses $1 bn annually on outbound medical tourism. Mauritius, despite its decent healthcare system, sees considerable outbound medical tourism where patients mostly visit reputed medical facilities in India and other countries for specialty treatments.

Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism Masterclass advocated sustainability of medical tourism through strategic bilateral partnerships with destinations. Citing relevant examples and case studies, he talked about target-oriented strategies to help Mauritius come up with a unique sustainable model.

Mauritius is a goldmine of wellness. Dr Prem’s in-depth explanation of medical tourism and wellness brought to light hidden opportunities for Mauritius that remain untapped. He talked about the ‘partnership power’ by forging tie-ups with medical facilities, resorts, wellness centers, and spas. This willhelp augmenting services and offerings by weaving wellness into medical treatments and vice versa.

Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass – Empowering Destinations and Entrepreneurs

Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass - Empowering Destinations and Entrepreneurs

Dr Prem’s medical tourism and wellness tourism masterclasses are not only about empowering with knowledge but also providing actionable strategies that yield tangible results. He provided a comprehensive overview of the industry especially from the perspective of Mauritius and Africa. He delved deep into global trends, service intricacies, and the development of effective and tailored strategies.

In-depth knowledge is the cornerstone of Dr Prem’s masterclass.His knowledge-driven insights helped attendees recognize the unique strengths and challenges in Mauritius tourism, healthcare, and wellness. His lucid explanation of the emerging medical and wellness tourism trends has been a real eye-opener for all. The audience accepted unanimously the continuous need for adaptation and innovation to remain relevant and competitive.

Dr Prem’s innovative concepts on branding and marketing with advanced tools and techniques open new horizons of medical tourism marketing. For Budding entrepreneurs and veterans, Dr Prem’s masterclass is a platform to build “power network”.

Masterclass Agenda and the Impact

Dr. Prem's masterclass

Dr. Prem’s masterclass means fresh insights and cutting-edge strategies. His masterclasses lift the mindset, from the hesitating state to the empowered state ready for the plunge!

Ethical practices and quality are two important learnings from his masterclass. Entrepreneurs and destinations get an end-to-end roadmap that empowers them to create their unique propositions, implement modern marketing, and be ahead of the competition. As a globally recognized medical tourism and wellness expert and coach, Dr Prem has earned the trust and respect of his vast clientele. All credit to his impactful agenda and impeccable delivery.

Dr Prem at Mauritius Masterclass

Dr Prem's Mauritius Masterclass

Mauritius Masterclass Sets The Vision

Dr Prem’s Medical Tourism Masterclass

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Dr Prem's Masterclass at Mauritius

Vision of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism in Mauritius

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