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The 1st Adriatic Health and Investment Forum 2017 held in Zagreb, Croatia from 12th-13th October entirely dedicated to Investment in Medical Tourism brought to light one of the growing demands of this sector. I was […]

Adriatic Health and Investment Forum 2017

Vascular surgery pertains to diagnosing and treating conditions related to the heart and the circulatory system. A highly sophisticated procedure, it usually consumes a lot of time and money. And as the medical tourism industry

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Singapore has been one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for the last one decade. But competition from its neighbors has put Singapore’s medical tourism market in danger. Even a few years ago Singapore

Medical tourism is growing despite the economic slowdown seen in many part of the world. Asian countries have been the major players who have helped the industry grow with their excellent medical infrastructure and certified


Medical tourism is one of the most rapidly growing trends of the globalized world and is a best solution for people who are in search of best prices and best alternatives to get well. Medical

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Healthcare costs are increasing in developed countries like the US and Canada, as a result, many patients becoming more and more frustrated. It is even more stressful when patients prepare for a surgical process and

With the increasing popularity of medical tourism around the world, the reputation of Asia is also going up in the industry. More and more foreign patients are now choosing Asia as their favorite medical tourism

With medical tourism on the rise in several Asian countries, people looking for medical treatment overseas are also on the lookout for quality accommodation to stay in during the treatment period. And in addition to

Asia has always been one of the most favorite tourist destinations all over the world. The exotic culture, beautiful sceneries and warm climate of Asia attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every

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