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The 5000-year-old traditional Ayurveda healing has led to the growth of Ayurvedic medical tourism in India. Foreigners making a beeline for Ayurvedic treatments in wellness resorts is common in this country. With global celebrities joining the crowd, […]

Ayurvedic medical tourism

The Global Healthcare Travel Forum and Conference (GHTF) continues to be a pivotal event in medical and wellness tourism. The recently concluded GHTF 2024, held from May 8-11, is a testimony to this. Organized by

Review of Global Healthcare Travel Forum (GHTF) by Dr.Prem Jagyasi

Medical tourism has given people a chance to get out of their town and board a flight to faraway countries to get the medical treatment they need. It has broadened the horizons for patients and

Guide to Understanding Why People Are Deciding for Medical Tourism by Dr. Prem

Getting international patients in medical tourism has always been the biggest challenge. Even a promising global medical tourism market doesn’t make everything rosy.Quality leads don’t come easily.  Growing complexities in medical tourism are making things

Guide On How To Get Patients In Medical Tourism By Dr Prem

If anything that has churned most conversations in medical tourism trends, it is about quality. Amid the growing medical tourism options, is quality suffering or winning? The recent gala ITB Berlin 2024 event further underscored

Finding Quality in Health Tourism - The Search Deepens in ITB Berlin 2024 with Dr. Prem and Experts

South Korea, also known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” is a land of dualities that combines ancient traditions with modern infrastructure creating pleasant experiences for tourists as well as healthcare seekers. The increasing


Crossing borders for quality healthcare might be a better option but navigating cultural issues in medical tourism is critical to creating a seamless and pleasant patient experience. Providers be it facilitators or facilities or agencies,

understanding cultural issues in medical tourism

The discourse on evolving medical tourism trends often centers on the broad general market, leaving a critical and dynamic segment- the LGBTQ+ community on the sidelines. Kudos to the recent ITB Berlin 2024 Event for holding an

A Comprehensive Guide to Empowered Medical Tourism for LGBTQ+ Community by Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Medical tourism in Asia has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments in the region, and post-pandemic the outlook is robust. According to Fitch Solutions, medical tourism prospects in most of the South East Nations

A Complete Guide to Medical Tourism in Asia

Senior medical tourism has carved a niche for itself in the medical tourism market. Nearly 45% of medical tourists worldwide are within 40-60 years and individuals aged 60 and above make up 25% of them (Statista). By

Guide to Medical Tourism for Seniors
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