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Getting international patients in medical tourism has always been the biggest challenge. Even a promising global medical tourism market doesn’t make everything rosy.Quality leads don’t come easily.  Growing complexities in medical tourism are making things […]

Guide On How To Get Patients In Medical Tourism By Dr Prem

Traveling as a medical tourist can be lucrative as it allows a person to get medical treatment along with a vacation in an exotic land. However, if you want a successful outcome and have a

Medical Tourism Planning

Not having a clear understanding of the medical tourist’s journey is the biggest mistake you will ever do for your medical tourism business. Medical tourist journey mapping helps to get a clear vision of theend-to-end

Medical Tourism Journey of a patient

More and more individuals around the world are opting to travel overseas for medical treatments nowadays. This concept has become quite lucrative for several medical tourism destinations around the world, although not all of them

Choose the Right Medical Tourism Destination

Embarking on a healthcare journey is a very important decision that you have made and it requires a lot of planning.  In order to ensure thorough planning and proper organization, you need to gather a

How to get authentic information for medical tourism

The islands of Barbados are famous tourist destination. The tourism industry is one of the major industries here and represents nearly 25% of the gross domestic product. Nearly 1 million tourists visit the coasts of

Medical Tourism in Barbados and Caribbean

Even though South Africa might not be the obvious choice for medical tourism, it is slowly becoming a strong contender in the global healthcare as more tourists are beginning to recognize the cost-effective medical services

Medical Tourism in South Africa

You might have spun the globe and chosen the right medical tourism destination for you to engage in a specified treatment and are thoroughly satisfied with your choice. Now, it is time to face another

find a good medical tourism facility abroad

Medical tourism in China presents an interesting scenario. Does it favor inbound or outbound medical tourism? China has gained reputation as one of the prime source countries for medical tourism since last few years where

Medical Tourism in China

The medical tourism industry has seen a significant increase in the number of patients traveling abroad for eye treatments over the past few years. A lot of individuals are seen making the choice to travel

Eye treatments popular with medical tourists worldwide
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