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Dr. Prem’s guidebook on Medical tourism is a section on ‘Who to Seek Guidance From’. A facilitator is very familiar with medical tourism and the process a patient should follow, they also have a strong […]

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Introduction  Advanced macular degeneration (AMD) is the primary reason for vision impairment for people in the age group of 50 and above. A small spot near the retina of the eye known as macula plays a

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Introduction – Ransom ware is coming to medical devices: Ransom ware is malicious software which encrypts your computer files. When it does so, it becomes practically impossible to decrypt your files how hard you might try.

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Introduction A malignant tumor is severely painful and life threatening. However, there is an answer to this issue through a treatment known as proton therapy which neatly eliminates this tumor with clockwork precision. The procedure

Information What is Angioplasty? Angioplasty is a medical line of action to clear a narrowed down or completely blocked blood vessels (termed as coronary arteries) that transmit blood to the heart. In angioplasty, a tiny

Stent used to open blocked artery

Although medical tourism may have its myriad advantages, it has always been thought of as a money minting enterprise for the governments in several countries around the world. The US $60 billion worth industry has

Medical tourism is on the rise and India has tapped into the blooming market effectively to become a leading destination for medical tourists worldwide. Thousands of medical tourists visit the country every year for a

Singapore has been one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for the last one decade. But competition from its neighbors has put Singapore’s medical tourism market in danger. Even a few years ago Singapore

Medical tourism is now a global trend and also a continuously developing industry. No wonder patients from countries like UK have also started choosing far off countries in the hope of better healthcare and medical

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Among many other countries, Puerto Rico too is trying to become a popular and reputed medical tourism hub. Medical tourism is a profitable industry and all the developing nations are trying to get a share

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