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Medical tourism industry is emerging as one of the most powerful industry in the world. This offers top-class medical care at very low prices. In countries like the USA and Britain, people have to wait for a long time to get proper and desirable medical treatment. With the help of medical tourism, people find different ways to get treated in top hospitals or nursing homes of the world without spending much. Medical tourism has created a fiscal backup for the economy of many countries. It has generated different sources of income and has contributed a lot in the growth of a country as well.


As the time is changing, the medical tourism sector is also taking important measures in order to make certain changes and improvements in their top hospitals. If a nation has recognized hospitals or healthcare centers, skilled physicians and surgeons, this will attract more medical tourists to such destination. People will visit best medical tourism destination country for a better treatment and this will help the destination country generate revenues or contribute to their own economies.

The new age of globalization has placed the end consumer in charge of what he wants and needs. This is especially true for the medical tourism industry where a medical tourist can choose from myriad […]

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Many patients, who do not find appropriate medical treatment in their own countries or simply cannot afford it, prefer to travel overseas where they could get cost-effective treatment for their medical conditions. This type of

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The population of India has been increasing at a rapid pace, but its expenditure on healthcare services has not been increasing at the same pace. While the country’s focus is on infectious diseases, most of


The medical tourism industry is one of the booming industries throughout the world. There is no doubt that every country would want to boost up its share in this medical tourism market to promote their

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The term medical tourism has been gaining prominence in recent times. Many developing countries are especially emerging as quality destinations for these medical care facilities. Ever wondered why people living in developed nations, who have

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The reason behind the success of the medical tourism industry is the variety of great packages offered by the medical tourism providers. Medical tourism is an opportunity that gives one the chance to travel to

Medical tourism has been slowly but steadily acclimatizing itself in today’s world. Presence of quality healthcare at a substantially affordable price than the one present in home country causes patients to seek medical help in

Dr. Prem  Chartered Marketing consultant | Medical Tourism Consultant Dr Prem Jagyasi is a successful entrepreneur and experienced strategic professional. He is a renowned chartered management, healthcare marketing and medical tourism consultant responsible for providing

The medical tourism is going through exciting phase where alongside of international activities, more intra-regional travels are taking places in this sector of the health market. The responses received clearly revealed that there is an

Result Summary The role of facilitators in the industry was deemed by the respondents to be significant (an explanation of facilitators being that they arrange medical tourism either in part or in whole for health

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