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Getting international patients in medical tourism has always been the biggest challenge. Even a promising global medical tourism market doesn’t make everything rosy.Quality leads don’t come easily.  Growing complexities in medical tourism are making things […]

Guide On How To Get Patients In Medical Tourism By Dr Prem

Senior medical tourism has carved a niche for itself in the medical tourism market. Nearly 45% of medical tourists worldwide are within 40-60 years and individuals aged 60 and above make up 25% of them (Statista). By

Guide to Medical Tourism for Seniors

The medical tourism industry has seen a sudden spike in recent years owing to skyrocketing healthcare costs in Western countries and the easy access to quality healthcare facilities in developing countries. Of late, the PPP

Understanding the benefits of PPP in medical tourism

India’s dominance in global medical tourism market with its world-class healthcare facilities and exceptional medical expertise and traditional hospitality is well-recognized. Cultural diversity and time-tested healing practices have further augmented India’s market offering international patients

Medical Tourism in India

It is true, more people are opting for medical tourism, but making it a successful venture all alone in a foreign land is never easy.  While factors like cost savings, quality healthcare and specialized procedures

A Guide About the Role of Travel Agencies in Medical Tourism – Importance, Essential Features, Market Opportunity and Tips for Medical Tourists

Turkey is counted among the top ten cosmetic and aesthetic tourism destinations in the world thanks to its world class facilities and expert surgeons.  As per Leisure travel or general tourism in Turkey suffered a

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Latin American destinations are racing fast to occupy a major chunk of medical tourism business market share. NearshoreAmericas.com states that an estimated 23 million US citizens are likely to opt for medical tourism in 2017

Medical Tourism in Latin America and South America

While trying to compete with other Asian countries dominating the Medical Tourism market, Philippines is slowly starting to be recognized as a destination with high quality healthcare provided at a very affordable price-tag. The American

Medical Tourism in Philippines

Global medical tourism seems to be on the recovery path after dealing with severe blows of Covid-19.  Mass cancellations hit hospitals and the hospitality industry catering to foreign patients. The recovery though slow is promising. 

Medical Tourism News, Trends and Updates in Covid Crisis

The Covid-19 impact is to stay with us till 2024 as experts say. News of vaccine release has created fresh hopes of revival but the situation is yet too far from normal. Whatever may be

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