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South Korea, also known as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” is a land of dualities that combines ancient traditions with modern infrastructure creating pleasant experiences for tourists as well as healthcare seekers. The increasing […]


Medical tourism trends continue to surprise us amid uncertainties and turmoil. Global healthcare is evolving, and changing patients’ behavior brings more dynamism to the market. Nearly 50% of the countries are not equipped to provide the

Evolving medical tourism trends in the eyes of experts

Jordan may be a small country hidden in the deserts of the Middle East, but it has definitely made a name for itself by providing excellent healthcare services to foreign patients at a very affordable price.

Medical Tourism in Jordan

The medical tourism industry needs better solutions to fast overcome the lull phase, and this could be achieved by integrating wellness. Global healthcare burden in tremendous with more than 50% of countries unable to provide


Latin American destinations are racing fast to occupy a major chunk of medical tourism business market share. NearshoreAmericas.com states that an estimated 23 million US citizens are likely to opt for medical tourism in 2017

Medical Tourism in Latin America and South America

Jordan hosted another significant medical tourism conference, the IHTF’19 from 26th -28th October. It was a meticulously planned event organized by the PHA in coordination with GHTC and the Arab Health Foundation under the auspices

Dr. Prem Jagyasi interviews Dr. Al Hammouri

Personalized medicine or precision medicine promises better healthcare solutions aiming more targeted therapies involving lesser cost and errors. In medical tourism, it has a long term implication given the conditions that medical tourists always look

development of treatments and medicines

Dr. Prem, the award winning speaker, influencer and the leading medical and wellness tourism consultant delivered highly valuable insights on hot trends in medical tourism in the 10th World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC) staged in

Dr Prem Jagyasi on Hot Trends

Medical Tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in today’s world. People are just not ready to risk their lives because of not so good medical facilities in their own country. Another reason is

Better communication, access to information and the development of the global healthcare industry has provided people a chance to choose a healthcare destination according to their affordability and convince. The internet and the other means

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