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Turkey is counted among the top ten cosmetic and aesthetic tourism destinations in the world thanks to its world class facilities and expert surgeons.  As per Leisure travel or general tourism in Turkey suffered a […]

Medical Tourism in Turkey

The quiet and bewitching sea beach enchantments, bright and sunny climate and stunning landscapes of Hawaii have attracted tourists over decades. Hawaii is a cynosure for tourists and its capital Honolulu, just like any other

Medical Tourism in Hawaii

With global medical tourism sector booming, Brazil is doing great in establishing itself successfully as one of the top medical tourism destinations preferred by medical tourists. And why not? Since people are clubbing their vacationing

Medical Tourism in Brazil

For long, Greece has been regarded as the birthplace of medicinal science. It was also considered as one of the world’s leading holistic centers in ancient times. The recent surge of interest in holistic science

Medical Tourism in Greece

Medical tourism in Colombia has been a growing importance in recent years. In the year 2019, Colombia earned over $615 billion, and this figure would definitely increase in time. Earlier, pre-covid estimate was 990.5 billion

Medical Tourism in Colombia

Medical tourism is one of the biggest industries in Argentina. The country receives medical tourists throughout the year, generating revenue not just in the healthcare sector but also in the hospitality and entertainment sector. Over

Medical Tourism in Argentina

Medical tourism is slowly becoming a key sector in the tourism industry along with eco-tourism and spa tourism. Compared to other North African counterparts, Tunisia is heavily marketing to the potential patients for their quality

medical tourism in Tunisia

The worldwide growth of medical tourism has been impacting the future of cosmetic surgery market in a big way. The rising trend among consumers in the US seeking abroad cosmetic surgeries is primarily driven by the cost

Cosmetic surgery

Patients generally travel overseas so they can receive better medical treatments at lower costs. However, the risks involved in these medical procedures could get disastrous for some people. While medical tourism has several upsides, its

unsuccessful medical treatment

Cosmetic surgery is a critical procedure that needs to be carefully performed; one should choose the right destination where highly skilled surgeons can do it. You would require ultramodern medical facilities equipped with the latest

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