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Dubai and Abu Dhabi were ranked by the World Bank as the 2nd and 3rd most popular medical tourism destinations respectively in the Arab region. Credit goes to heavy investment backed by strategic developments by […]

Guide to Medical Tourism in UAE

The islands of Barbados are famous tourist destination. The tourism industry is one of the major industries here and represents nearly 25% of the gross domestic product. Nearly 1 million tourists visit the coasts of

Medical Tourism in Barbados and Caribbean

Most of the media attention given to medical tourism focuses on the growing trend of Americans seeking out more cost-effective medical services in other countries due to the escalating prices of healthcare in the US.

Medical Tourism in US

With global medical tourism sector booming, Brazil is doing great in establishing itself successfully as one of the top medical tourism destinations preferred by medical tourists. And why not? Since people are clubbing their vacationing

Medical Tourism in Brazil

Even though the major focus of medical tourism in the UK has been on outbound tourism – British patients seeking healthcare out of the UK due to long waiting list, yet UK remains one of

Medical Tourism in UK

Reporters have given Taiwan the title of “sleeping giant” in the Asian Medical Tourism industry.Taiwan received more than 300,000 medical tourists in 2015, and the number has increased over the years.  The country has so

Medical Tourism in Taiwan

Switzerland was one of the first health tourism destinations in the early 19th century when wealthy travelers came to spas. Prior to medical tourism became a full-fledged industry, local hospitals and clinics have treated well

Medical Tourism in Switzerland

Spain sees a rush of thousands of medical tourists every year, going in for Spanish healthcare centers, spas and hospitals. Every year, this number multiplies and soon it is expected to hit an astounding figure

Guide to Medical Tourism in Spain

Even though South Africa might not be the obvious choice for medical tourism, it is slowly becoming a strong contender in the global healthcare as more tourists are beginning to recognize the cost-effective medical services

Medical Tourism in South Africa

Singapore has long been a premier destination for healthcare attracting patients not only from Asia, but from across the world. Singapore’s investments in state-of-the-art, advanced medical technologies achieve economic cost-efficiency when large numbers of patients

Medical Tourism in Singapore
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