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Technology has made it possible for the patient, irrespective of his geographical location, to interact with medical professionals and receive much needed health care on time. The trend often referred to as Telemedicine is becoming a rage […]

Telemedicine in Medical Tourism

With the ever-growing popularity of medical tourism business, the number of medical tourism facilitator companies has witnessed a sharp rise lately. These medical tourism companies help the tourists to obtain medical treatments in foreign countries

choosing a medical tourism company

The whole process of medical tourism can be very harsh on your wallet and bank accounts. Appropriate budgeting for the entire trip will alleviate the stress of having to pay extra fees or for any

Budgeting for Medical Tourism

Most of the media attention given to medical tourism focuses on the growing trend of Americans seeking out more cost-effective medical services in other countries due to the escalating prices of healthcare in the US.

Medical Tourism in US

Spain sees a rush of thousands of medical tourists every year, going in for Spanish healthcare centers, spas and hospitals. Every year, this number multiplies and soon it is expected to hit an astounding figure

Guide to Medical Tourism in Spain

While trying to compete with other Asian countries dominating the Medical Tourism market, Philippines is slowly starting to be recognized as a destination with high quality healthcare provided at a very affordable price-tag. The American

Medical Tourism in Philippines

The Medical Tourism is a slowly developing industry in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region and with the multitude of benefits this sector generates Morocco is beginning to jump on the bandwagon. Many of

Medical Tourism in Morocco

Quick turnaround in services and high-quality low-cost treatments continue to drive the medical tourism market in Lithuania. Of late, more Brits are thronging this East European country for quick and timely medical assistance. Truly, they

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Lebanon has always been a prime cosmetic surgical destination in the Middle East and now is being recognized as a hot medical tourism location in the world. While witnessing their Middle Eastern counterparts so successful

medical tourism in Lebanon

The beautiful weather and sandy beaches of Malta bring in tourists all the year round. However, Malta is also making a name for itself within the EU for being a destination where tourists can relax.

Medical Tourism in Malta
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