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Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase

Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase

Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase

Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase

Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase

Dr Prem Clients Parters Organizers Logo Showcase


What do they say about Dr Prem?

Dr Prem Jagyasi is a great speaker and mentor for the Medical Tourism and Wellness industry. A broad-minded leader, who welcomes change and motivates to do better every day. His exceptional set of skills, ingenuity, and integrity make your journey very interesting in any path you are with him. Dr Prem leads by example, and many people in the industry find his enthusiasm and dedication, both inspiring and motivating. He adds great value through his speeches, writing and coaching.
I strongly recommend Dr Prem as a Mentor and Highly Professional Industry Leader with a game changing Attitude.

Jalaj MehtaHealthcare Professional |International/ Domestic Business Development | Brand Development | Customer Engagement

I have had the pleasure of reading many of Dr Prem Jagyasi’s books and articles. He is an author with exceptional knowledge and a delightful writing style. He is highly successful in the medical tourism and wellness industry. I always enjoy reading his work. Then-after, I invited him to write in our magazine, which is leading magazine in Arab world and his writing shines like stars. Dr Jagyasi is undoubtedly one of the best writers in the medical tourism and wellness industry. I highly recommend him.

Simon ChammasPublisher, AHMC - Founder AHMC Lebanon - Publisher: The Arab Hospital Magazine / Hospitals /

Dr. Prem Jagyasi and his team are exceptional when it comes to medical tourism and wellness. Their extensive experience has proven ideal to helping out with any and all issues. Adding to that, their widespread connections and networks allows them to be recognised as leaders in the industry. I highly recommend working with Dr. Prem

Dr Shrikanth naiduFounder and CEO at Mediglobe

I would like to say thank you to Dr Prem for his helpful feedback and useful tips that helped me to start new SPA business.
Thank you!

Antonina P.Commercial professional | Strategy | Strength-based Leadership | Operations | Sales | Marketing | Communications | Business coach

I had a great opportunity to work and be mentored by Dr. Prem in global Healthcare. I am so honored to be your student and get valueble knowledge not only ın marketing but also Well-being and personal development. Thank you for your knowledge and for modelling positive behaviors in me.
I was also excited to learn you’re interested in creating reels videos on instagram. This always has been one of my favorite types of marketing. GREAT JOB!

Nadya KoshanSales Manager

Healthcare Executive Virtual Health, Telehealth & Digital Health | Force for Good | Chief Member | Ex-Deloitte & Teladoc Healthcare Executive Virtual Health, Telehealth & Digital Health | Force for Good | Chief Member | Ex-Deloitte & Teladoc
Prem has a good pulse on healthcare. Our paths crossed in medical tourism, and professional development. I would recommend him.

Bianca ChungHealthcare Executive Virtual Health, Telehealth & Digital Health | Force for Good | Chief Member | Ex-Deloitte & Teladoc

It was a totally different experience, Sir you have mesmerizing style in delivering speeches. No wonder you are so popular. Even post lunch session had the same impact . You were patient enough to hear and clear countless doubt on medical tourism, your expertise on the subject helped starter like me to get confidence and move forward towards the right direction. Special mention about the excellent coordination between you and your team. Each member of your team had a job cut out and everyone had professional approach, they were enjoying their job. Watching them I learned this is an unsaid lesson which I got from Dr Prem Jagyasi.Congragulation and all the best for your future assignments. ..Siddiqui Ehtaisham (participant )

siddiqui ehtaishamAssistant Manager Materials Management at Air India

I met Dr Prem Jagyasi in a healthcare conference in Bangkok where he was chairman of the conference. He has a great command over chairing such level events.

Dr Timothy Low 刘森旺 CEO & BOD Farrer Park Hospital * AUTHOR * HC Investment Consultant * Board Advisor AUM Biosciences * BayHelix Group * Board Advisor Health FX * LinkedIn Most Viewed Healthcare CEO in Singapore 2017

Dr. Prem, I was privileged to get your guidance and help in my business. With the level of enthusiasm and skills you contributed in over all development of my business, that is commendable. Looking forward to staying associated with you for long.

Ridim AgarwalPharmapreneur!

Dr. Prem supported me in very early phases of my business in developing responsive web site for my company. The amount of work that his team did in a short period of time and how they exceeded my expectations was incredible. I would recommend Dr. Prem’s web team to anyone who needs professional and friendly support. Thank you so much!

Özge KaymakDirector at FlyHealth

Dr Prem is one of the most interesting speakers i have met.
He has vast knowledge about various sectors of the healthcare industry and social media ,medical verticals and peripherals . He’s been instrumental in helping with my professional strategies and decisions .
Appreciate all the dedication with which he works tirelessly .

P I V O T A LPivotal Teleradiology. ‘Remote evaluation of radiology scans’ . AI CAD Radiology

We met Dr. Prem in Ankara in Health Tourism Congress.. He visited our company in Istanbul. Dr. Prem very good speaker on Health Tourism and he had very well knowledge in this sector. We are proud to know some one like him.

Serdar KURTAdem & Havva Health Group / Founder. #DEİK / Türkiye - Lithuania Business Council Chairperson, Board Member of #ASKON, Board Member of #AKParty Avcılar District, Besiktas FC Member of Congress. #TiM, #HİB, #THTC, #ETD.

Some years ago, we had the pleasure to welcome at Dajuma Dr Prem as a consultant for auditing our marketing and operations including our spa activities. He came out with a list of recommendations, most of them having been applied with success.
We have been particularly satisfied with the services provided by Dr Prem and would certainly employ him again in the future.
Last but not least he is also a very good photographer.
We have therefore no reservation to warmly recommend him.

Louis BalmeDirector - Puri Dajuma, Beach Eco-Resort & Spa, Bali

I have had a pleasure to work with Dr Prem Jagyasi on some joint project on Economic Times initiatives, he is knowledgeable and professional personality.

Anoo SoniEconomic Times, Times of India

Dr Prem is one of the best mentor to build up a new company specially in health care related in this advanced digital era. His team is very organized and dedicated. I specially thanks to Dr. Prem and Mr. Bharat for guiding and showing me the proper way.


I am very grateful to Dr prem and his team for helping me to build a medical tourism facilitation company. Myself being a beginner and a new comer to this industry, he and his team guided me with right knowledge and instruction. Thanking you and your team from bottom of my heart.


Dr Prem Jagyasi has great knowledge and understanding of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism, we are delighted to work with him in Africa region where he is helping us to build sustainable practices to help us grow in africa.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team at Dr Prem and associates provided exceptional services in Medical Tourism. Dr Prem personally visited to Istanbul to give us necessary training & guidance. He gave access to tools and technologies like client portal and pro access to medical tourism directory. The networking services got us connected across the globe and we started getting messages from Tunisia, Algeria, Ukraine, Kazakstan, USA, UAE and everywhere… We highly recommend Dr Prem and Associates. – Begum Bayburtlugil – Petra Global Healthcare, Istanbul Turkey.

Petra Global, Turkey

We are working with Dr Prem Jagyasi on Wellness Resort projects in Indonesia, he is highly professional and has great knowledge about wellness resort business.

Zulyadi Zul, Indonesia

Having Read Dr Jagyasi’s book as well as interacted with him can firmly say that he is a passionate acadaemician on medical tourism apart from being a capable guide and mentor

Dr Ameya Joshi, Diabetologist, India

Innovative ideas, great mindset! Fantastic solutions in wellness and healthcare sphere!!

Oksana Svetenko обучение, Kazakstan

It is awesome and i had very good experience very good staff and good environment to be with

Blaney Coutinho, India

(Translated by Google) Professionalism and vast practical experience, which Dr. Prem generously shares – this is valuable and allows you to expand the capabilities of any clinic, with access to the international market.

Профессионализм и огромный практический опыт, которым Др. Прем щедро делится – это ценно и позволяет расширить возможности любой клиники, с выходом на международный рынок.

Liudmila Andreeva, Russia

“I had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Prem who is a qualified executive professional with an experience in the management and strategic consultancy. In addition to implementing strategic marketing communications Dr. Prem is highly supported when it comes to setting organizational strategic initiatives”

Dubai Health Authority | Government of DubaiCEO - Strategies

“I have worked with Prem during launch of Dubai Health Festival. He is a very sharp result oriented professional”

GE Healthcare, USAMarketing Director - HIT

“Dr. Prem is an innovative entrepreneur. He is Creative Writer and Inspiring Speaker”

Medical Tourism Office - Dubai Health AuthorityEx Marketing Director - American Hospital, Dubai

Dr Prem is an authority within this fledgling business of medical tourism.
I self styled sector expert with extensive connectivity and knowledge, he is a highly personable and enthusiastic collaborator with a global presence.

David B. GreenChief Executive of Blackfriars Healthcare Group, BMARC & The Viscount on Vancouver Island. BC, Canada. Vice-Chairman; Motion Picture Behavioral Health, California, USA. CrimeWriter: Author of The OSCAR PHELPS novels.

“It was a great chance to work with Dr. Prem as he is one of the professionals you will love to work with him, and gain knowledge from him, based on fact that he has worked with us in the project of Health & Wellness in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Prem is great personality who has the knowledge and never hesitates to share it with other.”

mushaal almutiriProjecat manager at Saudi commission for Tourism & Antiquties

“Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We thank you for sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us.” –

Governmnet of Croatia, EuropeEvent President

He is very much composed cool and calm in his delivery of ideas and implementing the laudable strategies. Dr Prem himself is a centre of innovative techniques and creativity. A notable author and a fabulous speaker cum trainer. His ideas are accepted world wide and I wish all the very best for all of his future endevours

ASTER DM HEALTH CAREChief Operating Officer

Dr. Prem is an innovative entrepreneur in the field of Medical Tourism. He is Creative Writer and Inspiring Speaker.

Dalia Hanna. B.Sc.Pharm. MBA.Business oriented Pharmacist. Fan of Marketing & Business Development. Dedicated mother. Serving World Class Healthcare Leaders.

I had the chance to attend one of Dr Prem’s speeches at a medical tourism conference. I was very inspired by his knowledge, delivery of speech and high confidence. I feel very lucky to have met him in person as well. He is a distinguished author, an initiator, a founder, a philosopher and a life coach. Incredible! I would love to attend his future speeches and would be honoured to work with him in the future in common projects.

Arzu A.İcare medical services şirketinde Şirket Sahibi

Dr. Prem is A multifaceted personality….
Dr. Prem is pioneer in the field of medical tourism, he is worldwide renowned author. I remember when I was teaching my students every time we discuss about Dr. Prem’s research & contribution in medical tourism & global healthcare. He is versatile professional have found him very knowledgeable person with innovative ideas and good networking skills. Dr. Prem is international speaker, healthcare trainer, consultant he is motivator for me wish him all the best.0

Dr Anil BankarPhD Medical Tourism

Dr Prem has worked very hard on writing his Medical Tourism Guide Book,it is indeed a great book and he has been a successful consultant in the industry for several years. Of course I recommend his work!

Michael QuirosPresident & CEO at Premiere Medicine

Dr.Prem has been successful in creating a strong platform for Global Medical Tourism and Health care business.
He is very supportive and always willing to share his expertise with people in the business.

Arnab GhoshCo-Founder- MediPassion Inc.

Dr Prem has been one of the most versatile people in field of healthcare so far met. It is enlightening to see & read his views published

Dr. Ravindra Pratap GuptaFounder & Chairman - Aviyana RPG Group of Companies - Start-up Specialist, Business Mentor, Advisor, Board Mem., Industry Rep., Author & Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Prem is a dynamic, full of knowledge, and a perfect speaker in the field of health tourism and health care. He is a world recognized author also. He is one of the world’s front liner in the field of health care management.

Dr Sanjeev MehtaChairman And Managing Director, The

Dr Prem is a great speaker and a medical tourism expert.

Dr Nasir MehmoodHospital Administrator & Manager Insurance at Emirates Hospital Dubai

“I have had an opportunity to work with Dr.Jagyasi on one of the medical tourism initiatives. It was really great to see his commitment towards medical tourism industry and contributing to the needs of patients. He has been a prolific speaker and authored series of guide book helping medical tourist as well as consumer in general. I wish him all the success for his new initiatives.”

Dr.Sejal ShahFounder, Consultant Homoeopath , Women Wellness Coach

Dr Prem is one of the most commendable achievers in health care arena especially in terms of medical tourism. He is very much composed cool and calm in his delivery of ideas and implementing the laudable strategies in Medical tourism. Dr Prem himself is a centre of innovative techniques and creativity. A notable author and a fabulous speaker cum trainer in health care Industry. His ideas are accepted world wide and i wish all the very best for all of his future endevours.

JEYAKUMAR (JK) B Actively seeking senior CXO positions in India or Abroad

I have interacted with Dr. Prem many times over email and Phone. Later we met when he is in Gandhinagar invited by Government of Gujarat to deliver / discuss aspects of Medical Tourism. Dr. Prem is dynamic, knowledgeable and delightful. Besides medical tourism he also has keen interest in healthcare technology and telemedicine / ehealth.

Devendra PatelEntrepreneur and Investor

Dr. Prem is an energetic, outgoing, individual with expertise in healthcare and, especially, medical tourism. I have always enjoyed working with him and have found that he produces high-quality work.

Chad Holloway, PhDHealthcare Executive & Entrepreneur.

Dr. Prem has impressive global connections. He took the time to introduce me to other people in the healthcare industry when I was a student at George Washington University.

Beth SweeneyProgram Administrator at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Psychiatry Residency

I have worked with Prem during launch of Dubai Health Festival. He is a very sharp result oriented professional with a deep understanding of Medical Tourism and expertize in HealthCare PR & Marketing.
He has a deep understanding of healthcare & medical tourism.

Shailja DixitCEO, Curio Digital Therapeutics

Prem has a unique set of skills.. a doctor with management training, a vast knowledge of the medical tourism sector, along with as an engaging and professional manner. His enthusiasm, creativity and talent for spotting new opportunities make him a remarkable partner in a wide range of ventures.

June SmailesGP Appraiser, Coach and Mentor

I had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Prem who is a qualified executive professional with an experience in the management and strategic consultancy. In addition to implementing strategic marketing communications Dr. Prem is highly supported when it comes to setting organizational strategic initiatives in health care investments and medical tourism. He is able to produce quality teams that were devoted to the organization objectives which are part of his dedication to provide his customers with quality services. Dr Prem is a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best to his clients.

Laila Al JassmiFounder & CEO

I am delighted to write a recommendation for a very dear friend. I have known Prem for almost two years and have found him to be a gentleman, who greets all with his everlasting smile. He is a very thorough business man and an inspiring entrepreneur. His professionalism is apparent in all his dealings. I am glad to say that he has kept his word on all business dealings and agreements we ever entered into with him. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with him for a very long time.

Professor Tahir AkhtarFounding Chairman Adam Holdings

Prem Jagyasi is one of the world’s leading experts in Medical Tourism. He is highly professional, knowledgble and very creative. He also is very trustworthy and honorable. I Would recommend anyone to work with Dr. Jagyasi.

Jonathan Edelheit, JDChairman Global Healthcare Resources | Host of Edelheit Experience Podcast | Expert on Healthcare, Benefits, and Well-being | Founder of Healthcare Revolution | Medical Travel Expert

Dr Prem Jagyasi is one of those top people in Medical Tourism, who are setting the directions and paving the way for this industry at its infancy. Met with Dr Prem Jagyasi in San Francisco, at first world medical tourism congress organized by MTA and was really impressed with his vision and knowledge in medical tourism. His views are reliable and have become a light to follow for the new entrants in the field of medical tourism, like my self.
Dr Prem Jagyasi, is also a thorough gentleman, with always smiling and jovial mood. Gentle and smartly dressed. Vocal and accurate. A man with many qualities and always willing to help. I wish Dr Prem Jagyasi a great future, health and wellness.

Dr Mubbashir IftikharCSO, CDX, CIO, CEO


  • Tourism Department, Government of Dubai
  • International Institute of Ambulatory Surgery, Europe  – IIAMBS, France
  • World’s Prestigious Healthcare Event Organizers – World Congress
  • Ministry of Health – Gulf & Asian Countries (Confidential Projects)
  • Leading Pharma Group for Cardiac Products, Gulf – AstraZeneca
  • Leading Private Hospital, Dubai – Lifeline Hospital (Jebel Ali Hospital), Dubai, UAE
  • A Weight Loss Surgery Centre , Australia – Weight Loss Solution, Australia
  • Prestigious Healthcare Consumer Group, Gulf
  • Wockhardt Foundation – A leading Non Profit organization in India
  • FICCI – Gujrat (Worked in association with Gujrat Ministry of Health)
  • Prestigious Food Prduct Brand of MIddle East – Jenan (Al Ghurair Foods)
  • Pfizer – One of the World Leading Pharmaceutical and Anti Smoking Product Company
  • Sterling Healthcare – Leaders of Healthcare Services in Gujarat, India
  • Modern Hospital, Guangzhou, China
  • Boai Group of Hospitals – Leading Healthcare Group, China –
  • Sharjah Corniche Hospitals and Doctors Medical Centres, Sharjah, UAE
  • Middle East’s Most Prestigious Event Company – – IIRME, Arab Health, Medical Travel Confrence
  • Medical Tourism Association, USA | Medical Tourism Magazine | Medical Tourism City
  • European Medical Event Organizer Group, Germany
  • Bagatin Clinic, Zagreb Croatia
  • Isida Clinic, Ukraine
  • Petra Global, Turkey
  • Medlife Tourism, Part of Medlife Global, UAE
  • Bab Al Shams Resorts, UAE
  • Puri Dajuma Resorts, Indonesia
  • Krishna Hospital and Medical Research Center, Karad ( NABH Accredited Hopspital)
  • Health Insurance Company Based in Middle East – Green Crescent Health Insurance
  • A Chain of Hospitals specialized in Women Care and Cosmetic Surgery – Adiva, India
  • Abu Dhabi’s Renowned Hospital Group – NMC Hospitals Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Ministry of Tourism, Various Governments – Across the Globe (Confidential Project)
  • Constellation CE, Mumbai, India (Part of Lifeline Healthcare, UAE)
  • Nucleus Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India (Part of Lifeline Healthcare, UAE)
  • A Healthcare Group with Multi-Dimensional Healthcare Services , Dubai
  • Al Raha Hospital, Abu Dhabi – A Newly Rebranded Hospital in Abu Dhabi
  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council | Taitra | Govt of Taiwan
  • AlphaSights | Connecting Intelligence, UK, Consulted for their clients.
  • Indian Medical Tourism Destination – Kuwait & Africa – FICCI
  • World Renowned Consultancy Firm (Paid Tele-Consultancy), USA – Booz & Co.
  • Khaleej Times – Healthcare Magazine Partnership with a Leading Newspaper of Middle East
  • IPC Heartcare Centre Mumbai – Leading Preventive Cardiology Institute in Mumbai, India
  • Gulf Branch of Asia’s Leading Diagnostic Company  – SRL Diagnostic, Dubai, UAE
  • World renowned Diabetes Insulin Producer Pharma Company – Nova Nordisk
  • Middle East and Asia’s Leading Lifestyle & Weight loss Management Company – VLCC
  • New Life Global Network Clinics and Agencies – Georgia, Kenya, India, Mexico, Africa, Nigeria, Ukraine, Turkey and China

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