Emotional & Mental Wellness Guide

Taking care of your emotional wellness is one of the best ways to deal with different stressors that life throws at you. Being aware of your situation and your resources (with respect to your strengths and weaknesses) will put you in a better position to deal with your problem. You can then tackle the very same problem in a much calmer and less stressful way.

Guide to emotional wellness and wellness destinations to enhance it

Emotional health is as important as our physical health (if not more) and the fact has been confirmed by modern research.…

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Dying well gaining pace in global wellness trend

Do not get startled if you by chance come across a smartphone notification of a passerby saying ‘Don’t forget. You…

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Guide to understand the importance of foot care in health and wellness with special tips for diabetic foot care

Our feet are practically the most used part of our body and sadly the most neglected part as well. We…

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Guide to health benefits of shatavari and ashwagandha for women

Shatavari is the name of a plant used highly for fertility related treatment in Ayurveda. This plant is a climber…

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Understanding the differences in medical and wellness tourism from different viewpoints

Many people are confused about the difference between wellness and medical tourism with most people considering both to be same.…

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Guide to highly beneficial traditional alternative medicine systems and its pros and cons

Would you ever call a reflexologist to treat your seasonal asthma flares? Or would you prefer a chiropractor for your musculoskeletal pains?…

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Guide to body combing, Kofutu healing and Jin shin Jyutsu, the self healing practices for physical and mental wellness

Wellness watchers have a new trend to embrace – body combing. This self-healing wellness trend, an extension of the time tested…

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How to choose the right wellness coach

You yearn to be slim and fit. You yearn to be well but somewhere you fall short in realizing it.…

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How Mind and Body Practices Can Help In Changing Your DNA For Good

We have discussed time and again about the positive impacts of practicing mindfulness on our mental health. Performing activities like…

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Functional Drinks Are Growing As a Top Wellness Trend

There is no doubt about the increase in focus on personal wellness. People are aware of the importance of overall…

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