Emotional & Mental Wellness Guide

Taking care of your emotional wellness is one of the best ways to deal with different stressors that life throws at you. Being aware of your situation and your resources (with respect to your strengths and weaknesses) will put you in a better position to deal with your problem. You can then tackle the very same problem in a much calmer and less stressful way.

In corporate life, we often tend to forget that businesses are so much more than financial balance sheets of debit and credit. Businesses are made of people vis-a-vis your employees. Your employees are your biggest […]


You yearn to achieve your well-being beating daily life stressful challenges, but somewhere you fall short in realizing it. You may also not be aware of your potential to be healthier both in mind and

choose the right wellness coach

Loneliness is a big deterrent to wellness.It is as dangerous as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Loneliness is costly too! Roughly $6.7 billion extra healthcare costs annually in the US Medicare beneficiaries can be attributed

Guide On How To Deal With Loneliness And Overcome It

Before we dive into the guide, I would like to ask you, when was the last time you really enjoyed having a meal? Do you remember every dish you had on that plate? Did you

A Guide to the Art of Mindful Eating by Dr. Prem Jagyasi –

Psychedelic retreats are gradually gaining popularity in wellness tourism as pointed out by the Global Spa and Wellness Consultancy and think tank.  A diverse range of global travelers ranging from young professionals to prominent Silicon Valley


Emotional health is as important as our physical health (if not more) and the fact has been confirmed by modern research. One in every 5 individuals is suffering from some kind of a mental health problem.

Guide to emotional wellness and wellness destinations to enhance it

Do not get startled if you by chance come across a smartphone notification of a passerby saying ‘Don’t forget. You are going to die’. No, he is not facing a death trial but traversing a

Dying well gaining pace in global wellness trend

Our feet are practically the most used part of our body and sadly the most neglected part as well. We really need to stop tiptoeing around foot care and start taking foot care seriously. Given

ayurvedic oil foot massage

Shatavari is the name of a plant used highly for fertility related treatment in Ayurveda. This plant is a climber and grows in tropical climate of India, Asia and Africa. The word shatavari means ‘the wife of 100’ which refers to the reproductive str

Health benefits of shatavari for women

Many people are confused about the difference between wellness and medical tourism with most people considering both to be same. There is also a lack of clear definition within governments as well as trade associations

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