Guide to emotional wellness and wellness destinations to enhance it

Guide to emotional wellness and wellness destinations to enhance it

Emotional health is as important as our physical health (if not more) and the fact has been confirmed by modern research. One in every 5 individuals is suffering from some kind of a mental health problem. Mental wellness plays a very important role in maintaining our health. It is a broad concept that involves our social, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

As per Anna Guchok, Holistic Wellness Expert – Emotional wellness can be understood as the ability of a human to manage and navigate effectively through different challenges and stressful changes that comes in life. One cannot always control the situation one lands up in life, but they can always control how they manage it and how much will they let the situation affect them.

Taking care of your emotional wellness is one of the best ways to deal with different stressors that life throws at you. Being aware of your situation and your resources (with respect to your strengths and weaknesses) will put you in a better position to deal with your problem. You can then tackle the very same problem in a much calmer and less stressful way.

Being emotionally well does not mean you will be happy all the time. You may feel sad, angry, anxious and depressed but you are aware of your mental state and in charge of your emotions.  There is a subtle difference between emotional wellness and mental health. Mental health is all about our social and psychological wellbeing, the manner by which we think, act and feel. Emotional wellness reflects our resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

Guide to emotional wellness and wellness destinations

6 Reasons why being emotionally well can be beneficial for you:

1.   Gives you the opportunity to practice mindfulness:

woman practicing mindfulness

The major aspect of emotional wellness is to be aware of yourself and your surroundings. The way to achieve that is through practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being completely aware of yourself at the present moment. It is letting yourself get immersed in the present and soaking up all the emotions that you are experiencing.

It is giving yourself to the task at hand 100%, with no other thoughts coming to mind. Mindfulness is also recommended as a treatment for people who are suffering from depression. Practicing mindfulness can actually change the structure and functioning of the brain. A study reported that doing activities of mindfulness actually increases activities in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is associated with positive emotions.

2.   Encourages you to slow down

Emotional wellness makes you more aware of yourself, you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses in a much better way. You can understand what activity is making you happy and bringing in peace while at the same time what activity is causing you discomfort and stress. It helps you take out more time that actually brings you happiness and enables you to deal in a better way with tasks that causes stress.

3.   You feel more self-aware


When you are mindful of your emotions, your insecurities, your limitations, and your abilities you are more in touch with yourself. You are completely in sync with your feelings which can help you deal with the situations around you. You are more present while doing a task at hand and more careful about how you spend your time.

4.   You are able to shift from one emotion to other

The ability to shift from experiencing one emotion to another comes from emotional wellness. This comes handy when you are in an emotional or difficult situation that requires critical thinking. The capacity to detach yourself from the situation and emotions that you are feeling and to subjectively think about the situation in hand can also help in making decisions on important matters. You can channelize your anger and make yourself more productive in stressful situations.

5.   Allows you to show your true potential

show your true potential

When you practice mindfulness and give yourself one hundred percent to the task at hand, you are more likely to receive positive results. It helps you to fully unlock and channelize your potential and capabilities in the right direction. You become better with stress management and thus can even give your best under stressful situations where others may feel pressurized. You don’t let your emotions get the best of you. You can handle any kind of situation and still show positive results. You are more self-aware about your shortcomings and your fortitude.

6.   Assists you to deal with life issues smoothly

Emotional wellness puts you in a better position to deal with any and all the obstacles that life throws at you. It gives you the power to harness your true abilities even during a time of distress. You are able to emotionally detach yourself from the situation and think practically, thus providing you with a better chance to tackle the problem in front of you. Given the many amazing ways that emotional wellness impacts our life, it is only smart to take out time to develop and enhance it.

10 Ways you can develop your emotional wellness are:

1.   Develop awareness

to develop mindfulness is to practice meditation

In order to take advantage of emotional wellness, you need to be aware of your situation and yourself. Practice activities that help you in developing mindfulness. When you have fully immersed yourself in the present situation, you are fully aware of all the different aspects of it. We have already discussed how mindfulness is useful in life. Let us take a quick look at how you can work on improving it.

One of the most trusted ways to develop mindfulness is to practice meditation. Allow all the thoughts that come in and then slowly clear your mind of all thoughts and concentrate on one thing. Playing sports or even indoor board games is said to be a great way to develop mindfulness.

Taking up arts and crafts can also help in developing mindfulness as you can focus better.

Mindfulness is something that you actively need to seek. You need to put in efforts to be mindful of every situation. You need to train your brain to practice mindfulness every day before it comes to you.

2.   Observe the situation from aside/ detach yourself from the situation.

Many times due to being caught up in our emotions we misread or misinterpret a situation. How many times have you experienced that during the heat of the moment you reacted irrationally and probably the situation wasn’t that bad? We very often let the emotions get the best of us and that worsens the situation.

We tend to get so involved with the problem and let the problem or the situation overpower us. We are consumed by our thoughts and that drains out the energy which is required to think or act rationally. The best way to deal with a problem is by getting completely emotionally detached from the problem and think about it in a logical manner. You are more likely to come up with a productive solution and won’t stress yourself out.

3.   Accept your feelings and emotions

man experiencing negative emotions

You need to realize that it is okay to feel the way you feel. You are entitled to your feelings, there is nothing wrong about feeling or experiencing negative emotions. No one can be happy all the time. It is only when you accept your feelings and emotions completely, you can be self-aware.

Accepting your feelings is the first step towards understanding yourself. When you understand yourself completely, you are more at peace with yourself. This keeps your mind clear and helps you to be more mindful of yourself.

4.   Look at the things from new angles

When you feel stuck with some ongoing problem, try looking at it from a different angle. If you can’t change the situation, then think about a way to make that situation beneficial for you. A little creative thinking can go a long way in changing your perspective and your situation. When you change your perspective about something, you can realize new things about the situation that had previously gone unnoticed by you.

5.   Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can help in reducing rumination, the act of going over something in your mind in a repetitive manner. This tends to cause problems like anxiety, stress, depression etc. When you reduce your overthinking about unpleasant memories you are more likely to have good emotional health.

There are researches that hint that mindfulness can help people distance themselves from emotionally upsetting information. People who are trained in mindfulness were better able to focus on cognitive tasks.

6.   Check your impulsiveness

Pause and think carefully

Emotions can overpower you but do not let that happen. Pause and think carefully before you act. Maintain your calmness before saying or doing anything so that you do not regret later. Emotionally healthy people are careful of their words and deeds and can handle challenges better.

7.   Seek balance

Maintaining balance in life during different situations that life puts us through is very important. We need to learn to keep our emotions in check. When we let any kind of emotion overpower us for too long we lose our ability to critically analyze that situation. The overthinking of problems or stressors can actually take a toll on our emotional wellbeing. This, in turn, affects our relationships and all our connections and our level of productivity, which then again causes more stress. It is like an endless vicious cycle that needs to be taken care of so that it doesn’t cause any more trouble.

8.  Take care of your health

exercise regularly

Only a healthy body can support your emotional wellness. You need to be equally aware of your physical health. Any disturbance in your body will affect your emotional wellbeing. Therefore, eat healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and stay away from alcohol and substance abuse.

9.   Accept support

In our quest of being independent and trying to figure out everything ourselves, we sometimes put unnecessary burdens on our minds. There is nothing wrong with asking for help to deal with the situation. We are not weak because we ask for help, in fact, it takes courage to open up about a problem and seek advice. Many times our minds are clouded with negative emotions and cannot come up with a solution even if it’s right in front of our eyes.

During these times, asking for help from an outsider helps us get a better perspective. Even emotional support from the loved ones can go a long way in calming your mind. So open up your problems in front of your loved ones and accept and cherish the comfort that they will provide you with.

10.  Be positive

Be positive

Put your focus on good things in life. Avoid negative thinking. Be with positive minded people. Select your association carefully where you get positive vibes. Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes and follow the same towards others as well.

Boost your emotional wellness with Awe walks

Boost your emotional wellness with Awe walks

While we think to enhance our emotional wellbeing, we fail to recognize the simple practices. Being awestruck could be a great emotional booster. When you come across something vastly larger than yourself that you can neither explain nor understand for the moment, you are struck with ‘awe’. Imagine yourself landing up in a picturesque landscape or a magnificent architectural marvel, you get overwhelmed with admiration and reverence.

A new study from the UC San Francisco Memory and Aging Center (MAC) and the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) states a regular dose of this feeling can boost healthy emotions enhancing your emotional wellbeing.

The study done with older adults taking part in weekly 15 minute awe- walks for eight weeks showed an increase in positive emotions and reduction in distressed feeling in their daily lives. This major shift was observed in measurably broadened smiles in the selfies clicked by the participants while walking who focused more on their surroundings rather than their own selves.

The study just shows a simple intervention, an essential reminder to ourselves where we occasionally need to shift our energy and attention outwards instead of maintaining it inwards.

What is the specialty in ‘Awe Walks’?

  • You soak yourself in the details of nature that boosts your happy and feel-good emotions
  • It also triggers other positive emotions like gratitude and compassion

Awe-walk is a simple practice

Going for regular outdoor walks not only helps in your fitness but also improves your mood. The only thing is to pause for some time and soak yourself in the surroundings. This feeling of joy and connectedness with the world around us reduces mental stress and make us feel good. Although the study was meant to enhance the emotional wellbeing of older adults, it can also work with people of other age groups.  Awe-walking is the core component of Forest Bathing that also guides you to be mindful in your activities and exercises that would fetch mental health benefits.

To understand emotional wellness better, we need to work on your emotional intelligence as well. Let us know more of it as detailed below.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also referred to as EI or EQ (emotional quotient), is one of the most important ideas to hit the business world in recent years. It is based on the notion that the ability of individuals to understand their own emotions, and those of the people they work with, is the key to better business performance. Although there have been some over-hyped claims made in the past about the benefits of EI. There is substantial evidence that EI can improve personal performance.

“For leadership positions emotional intelligence competencies account for up to 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average.” Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence, 1998

Emotional intelligence was originally developed by the psychologists, Peter Salovey, John Mayer and Howard Gardner and became popular when Daniel Goleman wrote his book, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in 1995. In simple terms, Emotional Intelligence is the ability in us to control our emotions and understand and express feelings in a way that is positive to both ourselves and those around us.

For example, how many of you know someone who is academically very intelligent, but lacks the social ability to get on in life?  In the past, people were assessed by conventional intellect, which was referred to as IQ. What emotional intelligence tells us is that there are wider aspects to intelligence and we need EQ or Emotional Quotient as well as IQ to succeed. To be successful, we must be able to effectively control and manage our own emotions and those of people around us.

  • Understand yourself, your goals, intentions, responses and behavior
  • Understand others, and their feelings.

The Five Domains of Emotional Intelligence:

 interacting men

These domains can be split into two main areas.

The first three can be considered ‘Intrapersonal’ which means understanding your own emotions. The other is ‘Interpersonal’, which means understanding how we interact with others.


  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Self-motivation


  • Empathy
  • Managing Relationships

Emotional wellness programs are widespread and high in demand. People are now looking at holidays and traveling as a way to emotionally heal themselves. There are so many resorts and spas that offer therapies and conduct activities that help with building emotional wellness and emotional healing. These retreats help you with reducing stress and anxiety in life. They also teach you the ways with which you can have a happy healthy and prolonged life.

When you decide to travel, seek the kind of retreats and experiences that can help you with your emotional and mental wellbeing. Being in a positive and healthy state of mind can actually help you become more productive in life. It can also help you in maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships. It is sometimes important to disconnect from the world and take time to heal yourself in order to reconnect in a better way.

Emotional wellness retreat: Best destinations to beat anxiety and depression

Emotional wellness retreats exist across the world with a target to boost your mental health. Vacation packages they offer are custom designed to deliver emotional healing at their wellness retreats. A carefully studied combination of diet, meditation, exercise and consultations is put in place for customers to achieve optimum benefits. One element common to these emotional detox wellness retreats is the repositories are built amid nature.

Distancing from the noisy city life, at least for some time, works wonder in recharging your emotional batteries. Mental wellness retreats have been set up by the sea, at foothills, and in green habitats.

When you need emotional healing at wellness retreats?

visit a retreat

That your response to an emotional healing retreat should be tied up with some signals is not always the criteria. You may visit a retreat whenever you feel like. Still you may get certain subtle cues that tell you it is time for making a vacation in a secluded nook. The justifications are:

You badly need a change of scene:

This craving for a shift of scenario starts gnawing at you. You should respond to this call from within. Neglecting this would only aggravate the feeling of restlessness. Your peace of mind and equilibrium that sets your core right would get disrupted.

Mental uneasiness and emotional anxiety would occupy a greater portion of your waking hours. They may visit you in sleep too. A visit to an emotional healing retreat will keep you grounded. It will help your mind regain lost strength. Clarity of thought and action is once again be reinstated in you.

Feeling fatigued and depressed:

Cocaine Addiction,

Your mind is always in constant motion. It is processing information, rejoicing achievement, solving issues and getting depressed at failures. Chief factors leading to dreariness are:

  • Drug abuse
  • Unemployment and being sacked from current employment.
  • A traumatic experience in formative years.
  • Physical and mental disorders.
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm

For a solution, mental support is imperative and emotional healing retreats with their knowhow and resources provide an answer.

Post-traumatic healing:

You never know what tests life throws at you in your journey. Obstacles and challenges pop and you get set to surmount them along with solution models designed by your parents and mentors.

These are not professional models, although you succeed to overcome issues, bitter experiences encountered leave a permanent dent.

Programs designed by emotional healing retreats are manufactured by professionals. They take care of your emotional side with an inbuilt shock-absorbing cushion.

A perpetual feel of all-consuming anxiety:

Frustrated depressed lonely man

You are in a hub of frenzied activities and frantic pace that often drowns your yearnings and dreams. Your inner self often gets detached from your consciousness. Emotional healing retreats bridge this gap. Amid peaceful solitude, you can reconnect with your core to achieve emotional wellness.

The fear factor:

Whenever you sense danger coming your way but fail to predict its form and direction, a knot forms inside. This, however, keeps you alert and wakes you up to the imminent threat. But if you have to cope with this situation throughout life your complete involvement in life’s joys and challenges gets truncated.

You need to get over this fear factor and emotional healing retreats fit in as a savior. Here you have the scope to recognize your fears, intercept them and finally overcome them.

Lessons taught at these retreats elevate the quality of life. You learn to face the fear element, take it by the horns, and bury it with will force.

Mindful retreats:

emotional wellness

Mindful retreats have a significant role in enhancing your emotional wellness. Apparently, they look like a spa with wonderful natural settings and complete with every arrangement that sets you cozy and relaxed. But it is more than just a pleasure resort.

It provides you a meticulously devised structured program that will offer you a relaxed vibe in the first place. On top of that with its unique features, it will give you an emotional healing experience elevating the quality of mindfulness that you already have.

Salient features:

  • Offers sufficient time and space for relaxation.
  • Group and private meditation opportunities within a structured framework.
  • Handles your current emotions and teaches you subtle yogic stances to contribute to your emotional health.
  • Helps teach you the art of breathing and how to focus inward inviting inner peace and banishing stress.
  • A right combination of diet, yoga and pranayama designed by experts help you attain emotional detoxification. Your mind is cleansed of all emotional blemishes.

Completion of emotional wellness vacation:

When you get back home from the retreat, you feel you are a lot better emotionally. You feel relaxed and more balanced. Life seems to be under your full control. Your confidence level runs high. It is not the end of an eye-opening sojourn with the vacation coming to an end.

It is just the beginning, an awakening that gets you in congruence with your inner peaceful self. It adds new meaning and purpose to your life. The zest for a living gets multiplied once you complete the emotional retreat session.

Let us explore some emotional wellness retreats across the world. These retreats and their traditional tricks do well to restore your emotional balance:

Thailand, Kamalaya -Learn to accept changes in life:

Thailand, Kamalaya

Image Source :

This retreat is endowed with learned coaches who teach you with dedication to embrace changes in life. In the process, your emotional strength comes around with a rise. Healthy lifestyle modifications are inculcated and traditional healing methods help you remove stress and bring coherence.

This is an ideal Ayurvedic spa holiday destination with holistic therapies. You can attend yoga sessions to attain inner peace and emotional reinforcement. The wonderful Lamai beach is close by where you can enjoy swimming in turquoise water. A vacation spent here makes you prepared for any challenges coming up.

Restorative Yoga retreat, Ericeira, Portugal:

This Portuguese fishing village offers loads of charm that is set in a quaint atmosphere. Pubs and eateries are scattered across the picturesque shoreline. The place has come to limelight for being a perfect Yoga spot for mind resurrection. It has been a great surfing spot as well.

Vacationers are offered varied opportunities that go a long way enhancing your mental and physical potential. These include yoga, massages, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, long strolls and carefully prepared nutritious vegetarian meals.

Maya Ubud- A spiritual journey, Bali:

Maya Ubud bali

Image Source :

The retreat at Maya Ubud brings to its customers the traditional holistic therapies to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga and meditation classes are regular features. They ensure balance and cultivating a positive attitude towards life eliminating emotional stress.

The rustic Bali is enchanting and so are the lush rice fields and unspoiled sea beaches. A long walk amid the tranquil stretch is highly rewarding. Getting a Balinese massage would be a cherry on the cake leaving you completely resuscitated.

Ayurvaidyasala, Kerala:

This is a picture-perfect wellness retreat on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Unique therapeutic techniques emphasize on Ayurvedic medicines. Services offered are:

  • Shirodhara
  • Abhyangam massage
  • Vasthi
  • Meditations
  • Early morning sessions of Surya pranam
  • Ayurvedic medication to take care of your ‘doshas’ and set them in tune
  • Ayurvedic nourishment

In between your wellness sessions, you can take a trip to mind-blowing backwaters. You feel relaxed, rejuvenated and detoxified.

Atmantan, Maharashtra:

Atmantan, Maharashtra

Image Source :

This retreat by the magnificent Sahyadri Mountains specializes in detoxification and flushing out heavy metals from your body. The objective is to block the chances of chronic inflammation and cell oxidation. The medical team here is experienced and well-read. Following treatments available here are:

  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Moxibustion ( Heat therapy)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Infrared sauna baths
  • Regular Yoga classes
  • A healthy diet plan to set your hormones right and restore balance.

The Mango Tree Villa is a much sought-after stay with the spectacular Mulshi Lake to set your eyes on.

Five elements yoga retreat, Croatia:

It is located in the village of Rovinj, rich in history and facing directly the Adrian Sea. Lying on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a treasured find for wellness enthusiasts. This emotional wellness retreat is simply cut out for removal of anxiety and depression from your life.

Services offered include meditation, yoga, elucidating sermons and several unwinding options availed in a group or in private. This USD 718 seven-day wellness vacation includes daily breakfast and lunch which are highly salubrious.

Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain -Anti-stress program:

Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

Image Source :

The beauty of the Sha Wellness program is that it has become a legend in fighting off depression and anxiety. The approach is more medical centered on your physiology and psychology. The idea is to make a close medical evaluation of your mental and physical health. Therapies are put to application accordingly to enhance your mental and physical health and eliminate negativities that may be clouding your mind.

Natural therapists, nutrition and bioenergetics specialists come to attend you. Services include mindfulness classes, Tai Chi sessions, yoga and traditional techniques to overcome anxiety and depression.

Santa Fe, New Mexico:

This is a city of artists and travelers with a creative bend. Georgia O’ Keeffe museum is quite famous showcasing over 3000 works of various artists. Programs are carefully designed and cover:

  • Open-air baths
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Culinary tutorials
  • A puppy studio to spend quality time with darling little puppies.

Kyoto, Japan:

Kyoto bamboo forest

Kyoto is where the famed Japanese wellness ritual of forest bathing has been originated. A visit to the Arashiyama Bamboo grove would be a completely serene sojourn. Meditation in nature is the idea behind forest bathing. Soak up the green ambience enveloping you and be in unison with the spirit of nature.

Make your stay in the Japanese style inn called Ryokan. Japanese hot springs known as Onsen are excellent stress busters. During autumn, temples and shrines are open to the public. A visit to these revered sanctorum would cleanse from within.

R&I Scotland Adventure, Scotland :

This is a small country with no dearth of natural beauties. Wonderful lochs, splendid dales, breathtaking highlands and serene beaches make for super emotional wellness retreats. R&I retreat offers hiking, Biking, canoeing and reindeer spotting.

Be one with nature and cut out all links leading to stress and anxiety. On your return, you find a whole new dimension of bliss added to life.

Napa Valley, California:

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley is ideal for stress releasing. So why not spend a weeklong holiday here? Natural beauty is enchanting and so are the organic wineries. Having a soulful grub at the Oxbow Public market would be a lasting gourmet experience. Experience the vine trail either on a bike or on foot. It would be a memorable trip either way. Your inner self gets a shot of revitalization.

Shanti Som Healing Retreat, Spain:

The Andalucia region of Spain is known for its placidity and Shanti Som is the very essence of peace. Holistic healing techniques for inner detoxification channel all your positive energy in a productive route. Here you get to feel the pulse of your emotions. Meditation, reiki sessions, mindfulness trances and yoga are top features here. They improve your emotional health.

Ayurveda Resort, Sunhoff, Tirol, Austria, Ayurveda Relax and Feel Good Retreat:

Ayurveda Resort, Sunhoff

Image Source :

Services delivered at Sunhoff are designed to eliminate stress and help you achieve a crystal thought process. Attainment of these enables you to cope with personal problems and solve them. Programs include:

  • Ayurvedic full body oil massages
  • Himalayan salt and oil scrubs
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation and yoga.

The above programs fortify your nervous system and trigger positive energy.

Thermal Sea retreat, Hungary:

How about a thermal spa in hotel Delibab, Hungary costing USD 381, for a weeklong wellness package? Medicinal baths, thermal pools, sauna and water parks not only pamper you to the brim. They de-stress you too. Feel the magic of being anxiety-free here and when you can swing it pay a visit to the nearby town of Hajduszoboszlo. It is the city in Hungary with intense sunshine.

Shreyas Silent Retreat, India:

Shreyas Silent Retreat, India

Services delivered at Sunhoff are designed to eliminate stress and help you achieve a crystal thought process. Attainment of these enables you to cope with personal problems and solve them. Programs include:

  • Ayurvedic full body oil massages
  • Himalayan salt and oil scrubs
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation and yoga.

The above programs fortify your nervous system and trigger positive energy.

Mount Warming Yoga Retreat, Australia:

Mount Warming Yoga Retreat is designed with dedication to improve your emotional wellness. Mind-enhancing features include yoga tutorials, exploring wisdom written in Bhagavad Gita, meditation and receiving priceless sermons at Hare Krishna Temple.

Kurotel Brain Booster, Brazil:

Kurotel Brain Booster, Brazil

Image Source :

This retreat nestled in the pristine Grannado Mountains is the right place to improve your cognitive potential. Programs are drawn up by eminent neuroscientists that include:

  • A buzz session with psychologists for attaining mental and emotional bliss.
  • Learning the tricks of stress management
  • Creative coaching tutorials to activate your brain and optimize its functioning.
  • Exercises to get quality sleep.

 Taghazout Surf and Yoga Holiday, Morocco:

Set in the shores of Moroccan Atlantic the retreat offers absolute rapture. The breeze blowing in is itself a great soother. Programs range from regular surf and yoga tutorials, traditional Turkish baths, meditation to achieve clarity of thought to visiting Agadir souk and watching the million-dollar worth sunset in a temperate mood.

 Shambala Mountain Center, US:

Shambala Mountain Center, US

Image Source :

Here you have the opportunity to get lost in a reverie in a 600-acre sedate Buddhist monastery perched on the Rocky Mountains at a height of 8000 ft. Depending upon the season of visit programs offered cover hiking, running and snow hoeing. Besides these, tourists have the choice of designing their own vacation packages including meditation and mindfulness, yoga sessions, body and mind consciousness workshops.

Baja California Peninsula, Mexico:

This retreat has an array of tranquil beaches between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The idyllic Pamilla on the sea of Cortez in Los Cabos is a fabulous wellness retreat. Services offered include:

  • Yoga classes
  • Spa therapies
  • Mindful healing seminars

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