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Positive emotions can bring you happiness that stays

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Positive emotions have a dramatic influence on your happiness. The way you describe your life and its events have a lot to do with how it turns out to be in the end. Research says that happiness does not necessarily stem from success but it certainly plays a crucial role in making you successful in life. When you develop a positive outlook, you live a healthy and productive life.

Value of emotions in life

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Your emotions get the required information and help you make important decisions in life. When you do not know how you feel about a particular situation you may find it impossible to draw a conclusion. Emotions help you define your limitations that serve the purpose of protecting your physical and mental health.

You communicate with others around you with the help of your emotions. Could you really imagine understanding anything that does not have a set of relevant emotions to convey the message? Without emotions and feelings, it is impossible to know whether you are happy or not.

An essential attribute in life

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It is very important that you learn the art of adapting changes in life. Emotions if positive boost up ego-resilience, which is a trait that indicates your ability to adapt to change. Those people who have a comparatively higher level of ego-resilience look at their challenges as opportunities to grow further in life. A higher level of ego-resilience enables you to experience emotions that are positive even when you are stressed out or going through a rough phase in life.

Role of positive and negative emotions in life satisfaction

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Research findings suggest that those people who entertain negative emotions have a low level of life satisfaction. These people are reportedly less satisfied with their lives, which keeps their happiness at a distant. On the other hand, some people try to look at the positive aspects of life and experience positive emotions, which take them on path of Happiness. Happiness in return boots up their confidence level and motivate them to move forward on path of success.

A positive self

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When you feed good thoughts to your brain, you tend to develop a positive perception of self. You see opportunities all around you and life seems an open road. Positive thoughts and emotions not only change the way you look at yourself but also bring out the confident you. It is quite amazing how a little shift in your attitude changes almost everything around you. Problems turn into opportunities and you are ready to take the control of life in your own hands.

Live an active life

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There are days when people wake up on the wrong side of their beds and feel lethargic all day long. They either get into a thoughtful mood or feel sleepy which keeps them from taking action. Action is the energy of life. If you wish to be happy and successful, you must keep moving towards your goals.

When you are in a happy mood, you get more energetic and find yourself full of enthusiasm. Go for a walk or take some exercise when you find yourself down and low. It helps you to get back to your routine.

Make new acquaintances

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Positive thoughts and emotions bring out the best in you. You find it easier to trust others and make new relationships. You find yourself bubbling up with energy and do not hesitate to take an initiative to start a conversation even with a stranger. It opens up new doors for success and growth in life.

Life may be cruel at times but you cannot take that as a reason to be sad. Keep your options open, get along with those who are always positive towards life. Positive emotions have the strength to give a new direction to your life.

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