Offbeat Life Guide

Each of us is unique in the way that God created us and despite all of the things that we may have in common, we will always have a quirkiness that separates us from the rest of the crowd. We can always choose the way we live and make our own path in life even if unconventional and unorthodox keep reappearing throughout the journey of our life. The world is full of stories about people who were initially thought to be unsuitable for a ‘normal’ life and an accepted way to work, but turned out just fine as time progressed.

You will hear about eccentric billionaires who live in the wild for months on end, surviving on stuff that they can scavenge off the forest, and be perfectly happy with it. You will also come across people who left their plush white-collar jobs for discovering the world with a camera and being content with it all. Everything comes down to creating a space for yourself in this tumultuous world where you feel uniquely comfortable. If your life appears offbeat at times, it’s only because you are in a class by yourself and no one else can match your idiosyncratic goodness and special abilities.

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