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Live a Great Life Guide

Living a great life has a much deeper implication beyond the confines of materialistic achievements like wealth accumulation and success in business. A great life should be meaningful aimed at a better purpose. It aims at finding your true potential and utilizing it to the best for a greater cause. You need to discover your unique inbuilt traits and work on them with passion.


A Comprehensive guide about life meaningful life, life purpose, expansion, thriving, good life, life growth, life interest, good times, wellbeing and good time.

stress at school as student and as teacher

How to deal with stress at school as student and as teacher

When it comes to dealing with school stress, children tend to take their school life seriously, in turn adversely affecting their health. Remember, if you do not control stress at the right time, stress will start controlling you. Check out the easy ways

terminating troublemaker

How to deal with mean boss

Mean bosses are generally mean by nature and it is very tough to change them. Some bosses are bound to be chronic critics. It is therefore important to focus on your job, rather than pondering over the behavior of your mean boss. You can rather adopt the

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