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Passion Guide

Live passionately. When you live your life to the fullest and follow your passsion, all the mundane and vexatious issues in life stop bothering you. Everything that seems bothersome at first look will disappear within your all-encompassing nature of forgiveness and resilience. Do not sweat the small stuff and stop looking at the problems that surrounded you in the past.


Look for things that you enjoy and find time for them whenever you can. Keep discovering. Try your hand at art, write down feelings that touch you and listen to music that uplifts you. These things will give you room for self-reflection and help you in finding sentiments that were hidden. Trust yourself and your instincts. If your gut is telling you to do certain things, there must be a good reason for it
“Carpe Diem” translates to seize the day. Each day life presents us with a wide variety of opportunities. To let them go and ponder about them later is useless. We must be willing to take action at the right time and need to be present at that moment to enjoy it wholly. We must live everyday as if it is our last, but embrace each experience as if it is our first.

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