Stop thinking about what you could have done, and start working on what you should do

Your troubles may not move on until you start living in your present. Thinking about what you could do may only keep you stuck at that thought and time. Living in the past may only make you vulnerable to stress and depressive feelings. It does not make sense to keep regretting about things you wanted to do and could not do in your past. Mourning or worrying about the past is an unwise decision that you must not make. It is a wonderful feeling to live in the present and think about what you should do. Plan your current goals and work toward them to make accomplishments. When you do that, you automatically come out of your past regrets.


Living in the moment can make you simpler and interesting. Past feelings and regrets should be discarded, as unwanted. If you were able to able to do that, then you would also be able to cut down multiple emotions associated with that past. Carrying on with the baggage of these emotions does not make sense in the present. If you keep regretting, then you will stay stuck. You will never be able to enjoy the moments that are present today in your life. You will actually be robbed of living in the real sense. Try to set your goals for future and start working on them today.

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To do what you should, try to get rid of things that memorize your of your failures in the past. Such things are associated with your negative memories and may never let you move on. Be determined to live in the present and work for your future. Remember that this world is never deprived of opportunities. Even if you could not make use of an opportunity in your past, it does not mean that you would not be able to make further achievements. Make changes in your attitude and start feeling and thinking positively. Work with a smile on your face and it will surely transfer that smile to your heart. Remain optimistic about the end results of anything you do with full passion.


You should keep expectations in order to fulfill them. Take pleasure from things that exist in the present moment. If you do not, then these will also become a part of your past tomorrow. You would definitely not want to lose the present opportunities and regret tomorrow about them. Thus, you should appreciate these opportunities, however small they are. You should also forgive yourself for what you could not do. Forgiving yourself is the best way to move on, as your past would not hurt you anymore. Try to focus on your work and give it your best. If you do not love your work, then find another job that you would love to do. It is important to appreciate and love your work to succeed.

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While setting goals, dream about the kind of future you would like to see. Then, work hard toward those goals and dreams. That is exactly what you should do now. Get rid of your past targets too. Those targets should not determine your present, as they simply did not work. Set new goals and targets to achieve. Appreciate your current work by stopping to worry about what you lost. Taking stress or worry about things does not set them right. It is always your hard work that sets things right. Give a positive direction to all your energy and start afresh. Avoid depending on the past solutions. These might not work in your present. Understand your challenges and find new creative solutions.

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