Are you in love or is it just lust

Getting into a relationship is fun but it is somewhat essential to know whether you are in love or your relation is just a lustful need. If both the partners have this same purpose for getting into a relationship then it is fine but it can be a big problem if one of the partners is seriously in love and the other is only there to satisfy lust.


Many people complain especially young girls and boys that they are unable to judge their partner’s motive behind their being in the relationship. When a relationship starts, it is a kind of gamble for the couple, as they really do not know whether their partner is going to stay for long or is just a passing fancy.

The only way to find out the status of your relationship, whether it is lust or love, is to read several signs that your partner shows through his behavior. If you are not sure what those signs are, read further and learn the signs that will enable you to tell whether it is lust or love.

Lust Signs


You only focus on her body

Whenever you meet her or you are talking to her on phone, all you think about is her body and looks. You keep visualizing her all naked and you desperately wait to get physical with her. You see all hotness in her but fail to see her innocence and sweetness.

Talking to her does not interest you

You do not enjoy talking to her and you can easily go without having a word with her for several days. Even if you both talk, you never reciprocate well to her questions and to her conversations. You do not feel it necessary to call her back and to reply to her messages. The only time when you really feel like calling her up and talk to her is when you are horny.

Getting physical is the only thing that is keeping you in a relation

When she calls you up for going out to a mall or to a park, you always turn down her request. Any favor she asks for, you are always as if you are damn busy and just cannot take out time for her. But if you are feeling like making out then no matter how odd time it is or how disinterested she is, you never hesitate in asking her out and even forcing her to yield to your demands.

You make an immediate move after sex

After having sex, you never stay back, talk to her, and spend some nice time with her. It is like as soon as your lust satisfies, you find it very convenient to escape.

Love Signs

You find her beautiful and sweet

You find your girl extremely beautiful, very sweet and innocent. Not just her looks but her behavior also captivates you. You find her beautiful even if she is without makeup and hairdo.

Great Chemistry

You both share similar passions and hobbies, and you love talking to each other. You can spend a whole day conversing to each other and you love meeting almost every day. You both talk your heart out to each other and listen to each other nicely.

You see your future together

You both se your future with one another and love making plans for your future life

You get her introduced to your family

A couple in love makes no delay in introducing each other to their family and friends.

You lift each other

You both want to motivate and encourage each other to do all good things and be a good person always.

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