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How to deal with greasy hair

How to deal with greasy hair

Hair makes a great impact on your looks. Greasy hair can make you look dull and gloomy. Here are some tips to deal with this problem.

Know what causes your problem

Greasy hair can be difficult to manage and can give you nightmares while going out for a party. They often stick, look shiny and are hard to comb. You can combat greasy hair problem by changing your basic hair care routine. Try to understand the underlying causes of your greasy to treat them effectively. Know you hair type and use products meant for your hair care type. Things like perspiration can make greasy hair more pronounced. Even environmental factors like excessive pollution, smoke or wearing excessive makeup can make things worse for your greasy hair. Normally thin hair tends to be greasier than medium or voluminous hair. Some people are genetically predisposed with greasy hair. All or some of these causes can trigger greasy hair for you. Try to understand the root cause of your problem, in order to treat it effectively.

Avoid using or wearing certain products

If you have excessive oily hair, do not use moisture enhancing shampoo for your scalp. If required, use moisture enriched formulas only to the dry areas like the area near your middle or ends of your hair. Do not apply conditioners near the scalp rather try to apply conditioners only to the middle or ends. Never use deep conditioning products for your scalp and styling products like gels or mousses. Such products attract oil to the scalp area and tend to make your hair greasy. Excessive touching, combing or brushing the hair can make your hair to become greasy rapidly. Do so only when absolutely necessary. Try to avoid using oil based skin care products and cosmetics. In many cases, sebum production is high leading to greasy hair. There can be many underlying causes for this ranging from diet to hormones to wrong choice of hair-care products and also stress. You can therefore manage oily hair both, internally and externally.

Use effective washing techniques

First step to combat greasy hair is to avoid washing your hair in hot water. You may opt to shampoo with lukewarm water in case of cold weather. You can wash your hair every day to minimize oil getting accumulated in your hair. While washing, layer the shampoo appropriately. Try to choose oil removal shampoo products only for the scalp area. Your last rinse should always be with cold water which will help cut down on the natural oil production. While washing your hair, you can use a blotting skin paper to eliminate excessive oil from your scalp. Wear your hair in easy-to-manage and well cut hair styles. You can also choose to give a final rinse to your hair with lemon or vinegar after an effective wash.

Use a spray in dry shampoo

Try to opt for an aerosol shampoo. These are available at salons in various brand options. This will help in eliminating the excessive oil buildup without having to wash the hair. Sprinkle the spray over the roots of the hair where the oil is present in highest quantities. Do not comb the hair after spraying. This can cause the shampoo to create static electricity to occur. You can simply finger comb your hair to style your hair. Try to avoid shampoos with sodium laurel sulfate. This acts as a harsh cleanser.

Take dietary supplements

To deal with greasy hair, dietary supplements can be an effective solution. Try to ingest a supplement which contains saw palmetto extract. This helps in balancing sebum production, thereby reducing excessive oil secretion from your scalp. You can use herbs like rosemary and eucalyptus to lessen the sebum buildup in your hair and stimulate more body. You should know that dense hair does not look oily as rapidly as thin hair. Voluminous hair offsets oily hair’s tendency to stick to the scalp and gives a less greasy look than it might actually be. Else you can choose to add baking soda to your daily shampoo once every two to four weeks. It helps to keep the extra oil at bay. Beer is also considered as an excellent hair conditioner which does not make the hair greasy unlike the synthetic conditioners. It helps to act as a deep cleanser for the hair and helps to add some volume to the hair, reducing excessive oil buildup. Lemon juice also helps giving similar effects as beer.

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