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How to deal with a moody man

How to deal with a moody man

Many women might find it extremely difficult to deal with a moody man and may not know how exactly to deal with them and avoid making matters worse. Here are some great suggestions to deal with moodiness and increase your love and understanding.

How to deal with ambiguous situationsHow to deal with ambiguous situations

How to deal with ambiguous situations

Life is full of extra ordinary challenges and ambiguous situations. Uncertainty brings thrilling moments in our everyday life. People who manage them rightly, enjoy their everyday life; and people who don’t, struggle to face ambiguity in their life. Here

manipulative ex wife

How to deal with a manipulative ex wife

A bitter relationship is liked by none. You might have got a bitter taste in your mouth from the last relationship. Yet, with time you might have just decided to move on. Unfortunately though you find your manipulative ex wife trying to create disturbance

scarcity of resources

How to deal with scarcity of resources

Scarcity of resources can really lead to some challenging situations if not tackled smartly. One needs to be extra cautious while the resources are limited and requirements are more.

How to deal with a narcissist in court

How to deal with a narcissist in court

In a court, a narcissist cannot be ignored. This makes dealing with him much more difficult, be it for a lawyer, opponent, judge or family. So, the general rules of dealing with narcissism do not apply here. Here we have given some ways to deal with a na


How to deal with humiliation

Humiliation is the result of the degradation of an individual’s pride or dignity. It can invoke strong feelings of embarrassment and shame. Different individuals cope with humiliations in a different manner. Violent reactions are extremes, but not very un

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