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Six questions of self-realization to live a better life

questions of self-realization to live a better life

Life is strange, funny, weird and full of all kinds of surprises. You always seek acceptance, happiness, money, fulfillment, hopes, love and a life that offers almost everything. However, you always remain confused with the kind of the choices you make until you understand the fact that things were always in control, you simply never realize it as you were busy running after your dreams. Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself that can make you look straight into the eyes of reality.

Do I deserve a better company?

Do I deserve a better company

The people around you play a crucial role in deciding the kind of a person you finally turn into. It depends on you to move forward with them or make a better choice of friends and the company you keep. It is always better to be alone then a bad company. Don’t let the circumstance force you to make a wrong choice.

How do I present myself in front of others?        

How do I present myself in front of others

It’s surely not the weaker side to your personality that you want to keep in front of all others who surround you. However, posing as someone who is not your real self would also not let them peep into your real self. Make mistakes and accept them as a strong individual. Our problems could actually be opportunities if we learn the art of utilizing them. Be yourself to get the real acceptance.

Do I really have an ultimate goal in my life?

Do I really have an ultimate goal in my life

Making a wrong choice and going through all the sufferings and pain would eventually land you in the middle of nowhere. On the contrary, if you make a right choice in your life and live with the consequences, you would be better off at the end of the day. Choosing an easy way out should not be an option.

What do I need to spend more time on?

What do I need to spend more time on_1

You want to spend more time on things that are urgent or important in life. Productivity is not getting the things done but getting the right things done. There are many who never get an inch close to what they want in life just because of a silly reason that they always choose to do the things right rather than doing the right things.

Should I let a past denial describe my fate?

Should I let a past denial describe my fate

Don’t let denials and rejections of past define your personality. You can’t be what others want you to be. If they have rejected you in the past, it simply means you have gotten more time to improve your skills or maybe you deserve something better than that. If you let rejections get into your mind once, they keep making more and more space which means eventually they turn you into your own belief.

Do I desire more rather than appreciate?

Do I desire more rather than appreciate

Try your level best and work harder to realize your dreams but don’t keep looking for something better every single movement of your life. Don’t lose grip of something that you already have in search of a life that you desire to have. It is not everything you ever want but it is everything you need. Learn to appreciate since things don’t last forever.

You could bring about a positive change in the way you look at your life if you start looking at your life at a distance.

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