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if your wife is bitchy

How to deal with a bitchy wife

Women are bitchy, now this is a known fact. And if your wife turns out to be one, don’t be surprised, she is a woman after all. However, let us not forget that she is your better half as well. Do not forget the good things about your marriage as there are

How to deal with greedy people

How to deal with greedy people

Greed is one of the worst aspects that human beings can possess. Nobody likes a greedy person. People try to avoid them; but, it’s just a temporary solution. Here are some effortless ways to handle greedy people in your everyday life.


How to deal with humiliation

Humiliation is the result of the degradation of an individual’s pride or dignity. It can invoke strong feelings of embarrassment and shame. Different individuals cope with humiliations in a different manner. Violent reactions are extremes, but not very un

deal with cunning people

How to deal with cunning people

Many times, you come across sly, cunning people who pose as friends and manipulate you to their advantage. This leaves you fuming and wishing that you could have been more careful in dealing with them. Here are some ways to deal with cunning people.

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