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Time to drop your bad habits to turn your relations into long-term acquaintances  

Time to drop your bad habits to turn your relations

There is no one who is perfect or who doesn’t have faults. However, it’s good to know the faults in your personality and get rid of them. You habits, manners and the way you carry yourself in society form a bigger part of your personality. They make the other people like or dislike you. Let us have look at few bad habits and personality faults that have be left behind at any cost.

Self-centered attitude


We all love to talk about ourselves and it’s good to a certain extent. However, you must have experienced the irritation you feel when someone keeps talking about their own life and its sorrows. When all your thoughts, words and actions revolve around you then it is difficult to be a likable person. Let the conversation take its own turn.

Habit to overdo things

Habit to overdo

No doubt, this is the social networking era. You get to know about the birthdays, marriages and break-ups through social networking websites. However, a few things are not meant to be shared. Your quick visits to toilet due to bad stomach, a picture of food items you just had and details of illness need not to be shared with everyone.

Habit of being always late

Habit of being always

It is all right if you get late occasionally but if it a habit that your friends and boss has taken enough them you should drop it. It does not sound cool to be late for meetings or even family picnics. If you don’t value time, it will not value you and your priorities in life.

Stop messing with your phone

Stop messing withphone

Ever since the invention of the cell phone, it has become an increasingly important part of life. If you are talking to someone and texting some other friends, then it’s not at all appreciated. Don’t mess with your phone when you are in the middle of a conversation as it gives a bad impression too. It conveys an “I don’t care attitude” on your part.

Over expenses

Over expenses

Break the habit of spending more than your earnings. It is not a sign of a responsible human being to make expenses beyond your budget. You always feel trapped when you owe money to other people. Always try to save something for your rainy days, as the future is uncertain.

Habit to complain about everything

Habit to complain about

There are people who always keep complaining about everything in life. Right from the moment they wake up to almost everything they come across they never go out of complaints. If you are one such person, then may god bless all your friends. No one really wants to be with you if you have a bad habit to find faults in almost everything.



No one wants to be around you if you are the person who is governed by emotions. You never know when you lose your cool and start taking it out on the first person who comes across. This one habit has to be left behind at this very moment since people never appreciate the fact.

You always love to be around a person who is compassionate and caring, who never holds you responsible for their bad day. The fact is that all think alike in this matter.

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