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Book Quick Intro

We have more things, but are we more of ourselves?

Carvism, the author’s indigenously developed philosophy, is the art of carving away unnecessary things and keeping only that which is of true value. As we grow older, we begin accumulating many needless beliefs, opinions, habits, and tendencies. By the time we are adults, our true self is already hidden behind the rocks of superfluities. We are prisoners of the unnecessary, and the only way to free our beautiful true self is by chipping away the inessential from our lives. Just as a sculptor carves out the beauty hidden in a piece of stone, we too need to take a hammer and chisel to our selves.

The first section provides an insight into various principles of Carvism. This section is followed by self-carving qualities, which are the essential abilities you need to carve out the life you want. ‘Shape your mind’ is about using human psychology and the subconscious mind to your advantage. ‘Find your passion’ shows you the way to discover your inner calling. Subsequent chapters provide step-by-step instructions on inculcating the true essence of Carvism in one’s professional and personal life and explain how the Carve Your Life philosophy can put them on the path to discovering their true selves.

Carve Your Life Book by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Carve Your Life Book Chapters

Chapter 1: Belong to yourself
Chapter 2: Find a sense of purpose in your life
Chapter 3: Declutter your life
Chapter 4: Scrape it out
Chapter 5: Enjoy more with less
Chapter 6: The one idea to help carve your niche
Chapter 7: Manifest your thoughts
Chapter 8: Sculpt in mind first
Chapter 9: Eliminate energy drainers
Chapter 10: Contribution, not accumulation
Chapter 11: Be compassionate and respectful
Chapter 12: Communicate humanely
Chapter 13: Become a person of value
Chapter 14: Happiness is in the now
Chapter 15: Sculpt your niche
Chapter 16: Emotional hygiene
Chapter 17: Awaken your awareness
Chapter 18: Limit pushed information

Chapter 19: Attain self-awareness
Chapter 20: Accomplish through self-belief
Chapter 21: Self-esteem – The light within
Chapter 22: Begin with self-confidence
Chapter 23: Self-Reliance – A journey within
Chapter 24: Self-love
Chapter 25: Mastering self-control
Chapter 26: Effective and efficient self-management
Chapter 27: Self-mentoring
Chapter 28: Evaluate your performance
Chapter 29: Self-determination to take you places

Chapter 30: Curiosity: The first pre-requisite of an intelligent mind
Chapter 31: Keep your creativity alive
Chapter 32: Harness the power of sleep
Chapter 33: Brainpower calls
Chapter 34: Let your subconscious mind support your life purpose
Chapter 35: Bridle your emotions
Chapter 36: Tame your anger
Chapter 37: Don’t let self-love become ego
Chapter 38: Break free from addiction
Chapter 39: Don’t let sexual addiction cloud your mind

Chapter 40: What is passion and how to define it
Chapter 41: Let intuition be a guiding light
Chapter 42: Fourth dimension of role models
Chapter 43: Revisit selfishness

Chapter 44: Living for a purpose is better than dying for a purpose
Chapter 45: See with the mind’s eye
Chapter 46: One bite at a time
Chapter 47: Hurdles are milestones
Chapter 48: Review your progress
Chapter 49: Confront your weakness
Chapter 50: Cherish your achievements
Chapter 51: Celebrate milestones
Chapter 52: Stay focused and positive

Chapter 53: An uninterrupted environment
Chapter 54: Is it necessary
Chapter 55: Set your own pace
Chapter 56: Finish faster
Chapter 57: Say no to multitasking
Chapter 58: Stable mindset
Chapter 59: Envision purpose
Chapter 60: Dehaze your vision
Chapter 61: Make value out of time
Chapter 62: Mantras to excel
Chapter 63: Productivity hacks 231
Chapter 64: Know how to say no

Chapter 65: Burst your comfort bubble
Chapter 66: Express yourself
Chapter 67: Explore personal excellence
Chapter 68: Mastering persuasion
Chapter 69: Body language speaks
Chapter 70: Eat problems for breakfast
Chapter 71: Rise above shyness
Chapter 72: Win by failing
Chapter 73: Take motivation from positive past
Chapter 74: Be productive first, perfectionist afterwards

About the author

Dr Prem Jagyasi, an award-winning global leader and acclaimed life coach, has been to 65 countries to deliver keynote speeches and conduct focused workshops.
Renowned for delivering succinct and customized Carve Your Life training programmes, Dr Prem utilizes his vast experience, cultural knowledge and signature Carvism Principles to establish lively communication with his audiences. Each of those principles aims to help enrich the individual’s life and realize organizational success alike.
His untiring zest for traveling allowed him to glean incredible life experiences. Over the years, Dr Prem has spent time with people from different cultures, from the African tribes who wear nothing to consulting for global businesses and political figures who lead the world.

As an entrepreneur, he runs a boutique consulting and training firm, and manages a thriving web magazine network with several magnificent websites on life improvement topics with the patronage of millions of loyal readers from across the globe.
An authority in the field of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism, Dr Prem also takes great delight in travel photography.
Read more about Dr Prem Jagyasi at

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