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Burst your comfort bubble – Live A Great Life Podcast by Dr Prem – Chapter. 65

Burst your comfort bubble - Live A Great Life Podcast by Dr Prem – Chapter. 65

Here is a quote –  Lying dormant in all of us, passion often speaks loud enough to make positive action inevitable. It guides, inspires and even rules us to make our priorities clearer and thus, makes us proactive in our approach.


What is a comfort zone? And why do we make all sorts of excuses to cocoon ourselves there? Since the dawn of humanity, our species has thrived in the worst of environments and conditions imaginable because it managed to bear the wrath and fury of nature. Many other species perished since they couldn’t adapt to the testing conditions. We moved out of our comfort zone to live our passion to survive; those who couldn’t do it eventually became extinct. Thus, one’s comfort zone may provide him with a temporary retreat from worldly issues at the expense of divesting him of his confidence. Comfort zone, hence, has more to do with fears of failure than comfort itself.

To realize a passion, the first requirement is to step out of your comfort zone and brave the rough seas. Once you hit the rough waters, you will understand that those raging waves will actually land you safely on a shore, which is full of better opportunities and incredible challenges. Conversely, those who never gather the courage to tackle that first wave in the ocean may soon see themselves being devoured by powerful waves approaching them. Comfort zone, thus, is a bubble certain to burst soon, which would force its occupants to disperse in random directions.

Plan beforehand

Passion may provide the necessary impetus to make things easier than otherwise; however, you need to put in serious efforts to match the gravity of the cause. Instead of expecting a miracle, plan wisely to get closer to your passion. Matters that you have been perpetually avoiding all your life now seek your attention. If you don’t have a plan to tackle them, make one beforehand in order to face challenges with conviction. Take measured steps to face your fears head on and to experience new ways of life.

Do what you think you cannot

The real ‘you’ is always bubbling with excitement, energy, and passion to tackle your fears, which you think are unconquerable. If you want to fight your fears, the best way to do it is calling your passion and bringing it to action. You will certainly to get a kick doing something that you were always afraid to do. When you beat your biggest fears and emerge triumphantly, there is no looking back in life. Just a bit of enthusiasm, hard work and resourcefulness will allow your initiative to be a thumping success.

Make new acquaintances to boost your self-confidence

You don’t actually need to reach out to folks with authority; instead, you can learn about their heroics by reading their biographies. Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs, John Krakauer’s Into the Wild, and Paul Allen’s Idea Man: A Memoir by the Co-Founder of Microsoft are among such inspiring biographies that will boost your self-confidence and provide you with new experiences, opinions, and interests to enlighten your way to success. You can utilize the new learning to find your passion and exploit available opportunities to your advantage.

Bring back the memories

Look within to find instances when you were at your passionate best; when you broke some rules to realize your potential; and when you faced your fears head-on. Such an introspection of one’s capabilities will enable him or her to question his or her fears and feel comfortable in any environment.

With your eyes set on the destination, stepping out of your comfort zone won’t be that difficult. Simply keep reminding yourself of the positive outcomes. Always remember that the moment you say yes to your fears and challenges, you start devising plans and strategies to address them. Just allow your passion to do the talking rather than empowering your fears to subdue your zeal to excel.

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