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Don’t let sexual addiction cloud your mind – Live A Great Life Podcast by Dr Prem – Chapter. 39

Don’t let sexual addiction cloud your mind - Live A Great Life Podcast by Dr Prem – Chapter. 39

Here is a quote – Hypersexual Disorder is associated with increased time engaging in sexual fantasies and behaviors (sexual preoccupation/sexual obsession) and a significant degree of volitional impairment or “loss of control”characterized as disinhibition, impulsivity, compulsivity or behavioral addiction.

—Dr Martin Kafka

Sex is not taboo or a controversial topic anymore. We have come a long way from times when people had limited access to knowledge. Nowadays, one will find sex everywhere in different forms – on the Internet, magazines, songs, and movies. And you know, it doesn’t take much time for it to get on the minds of some folks. Why some of us, and not others, get addicted to sex is something that we need to discuss. Is it some sort of change in the human brain or some biochemical abnormality that leads to such addiction? Or do we simply think too much about sex and make ourselves prone to such addiction?

When the frequency of sexual obsession and sexual preoccupation goes up to alarming levels, an individual tends to display signs of sexual compulsivity, impulsivity, and behavioral addiction. A study conducted by some psychologists at the Department of Psychiatry in UCLA suggests that a clinical addiction to sex may or may not exist; there is no concrete scientific explanation for something as superficial as sex addiction. The neural response of anyone who thinks they are a sex addict or addicted to pornography is similar to what whiskey or a drink does to an alcohol addict.

We need to find the balance between being sexually correct and displaying compulsive behavior. Sex, I believe, is an important part of life, with its purposes of reproduction and taking love to its next level, that is, perfect intimacy between two compatible individuals. We cannot suppress the hormonal cravings that keep us excited before and after sex; however, problems occur when sexual compulsivity or obsession begins to rule our rational thinking. Such obsessive-compulsive disorder affects an individual in different ways. Sex does not affect relationships, our mentality or thinking process unless we start over-thinking it unnecessarily.

When overdone, sex ceases to benefit individuals

Sex is a complete therapy in itself, which, when carried out in the right sense, boosts the human immune system, improves bladder control in women, lowers blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart attacks, reduces pain, improves sleep, eases stress, and, of course, increases the libido. When sex becomes a means to satisfy lust (an excessive desire for sex – an obsession), one begins to become the victim of several emotional, psychological and physical ailments. These disorders, if left unchecked, become a constant source of agony for an individual.

Sex creates divisions when love is missing

Sex without love borders on becoming meaningless. The idea is to perform sexual acts with your lover to establish, maintain or improve the intimacy between you and your partner. Love is the foundation of this intimacy. In the absence of love, sex ceases to be an instrument of intimacy and turns into a weapon causing dents and cracks in the relationship. Sex, sans love, only pushes couples further apart.

It is hence vital to draw a line between sexual compatibility and sexual compulsivity. Ensure that you use sex as means to an end, and not as an end in itself. When it comes to sex, realizing where to stop is the key.

How to overcome sexual compulsivity

When sexual compulsivity or obsession holds the noose around your neck, you definitely need to find ways to treat it. Acceptance of the fact that one is somewhat addicted to sex is necessary to make it easier to find professional help. Next, one needs to realize the impact of sex addiction, which may include a less than satisfactory social, professional and personal life. Once you recognize that sex addiction is harmful to your existence, you should call upon your inner power and be determined to get rid of it. Finally, you need to feel confident about your ability to come out of it and the rehab program you wish to join.

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