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How to deal with humiliation


We meet all sorts of people in our daily life. There are the ones who support us and all our positive endeavors, and then there are ones who try their best to take us down. These are the people with a serious inferiority complex who try to fight it by debasing others. When dealing with such people we must remember that they are suffering and we must try our best to deal with the humiliation.

6 – Ways to deal with humiliation

Humiliation is the result of the degradation of an individual’s pride or dignity. It can invoke strong feelings of embarrassment and shame. Different individuals cope with humiliations in a different manner. Violent reactions are extremes, but not very uncommon. There are certain ways in which you can deal with humiliation effectively.

1. Ignore the person humiliating you

Ignore the person humiliating you

This is very difficult, but one way of effectively dealing with humiliation is to say nothing. Simply walk away from the situation even though you may be seething with anger inside. This is often termed as the “less said the better” approach. If the moment gets over as soon as it happens then you can escape the public examination. The audience always likes some degree of gossip but if the moment dies immediately then there will be zero effect. At the time of humiliation you will be dying a thousand deaths but the final victory will be yours if you prefer to keep quiet and ignore the person completely.

2. Make fun of the situation

There is another way by which you can handle such situations: use of humor. The best way to diffuse a situation is to make a joke and get the audience to laugh. You can put the one humiliating in the wrong foot by just uttering the words ‘Thank You’ as soon as he has finished humiliating you. He will be taken aback by your attitude and this will help to ease the tension between you two.

3. Don’t react angrily

Don't react angrily

The most viable way to deal with humiliation is not to react with anger. Being angry will do no good; in fact, it is often considered as a dead end approach. If you can answer with a witty retort, then it’s different but you may do a world of good to yourself if you just don’t react angrily. Always remember that when someone deliberately humiliates you, he actually ends up humiliating himself. Humiliating someone in public is a disgraceful act and looked down upon by everybody. So when you do not react with anger you have actually taught him/her a hard lesson of life.

4. Don’t think about it

This is a common mistake made by all. Humans tend to think a lot about what others think. I know it is very difficult to forget these episodes but it is not impossible. The more you think about that humiliation the more you will feel bad about it. You just need to forget about this and get on with your other work. We are not advocating treating these issues as trivial but it surely does not merit so much attention. Even if you brood about it throughout the day, the damage cannot be overturned. Don’t just give any thought to it and move on with your life.

5. Do not hide

Do not hide

If you have been humiliated, the last thing that should come to your mind is ‘hiding’. Maybe you were humiliated in front of your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend but that does not mean that you will run away from them and hide. Do not start avoiding them just because they were present at the unfortunate moment. It is not their fault and this attitude will not help you in any way. Be mature and face them.

6. Look at the positive side of things:

In India, there’s an old quote which says that those who criticize you are the ones who help you in identifying your faults. If we learn how to get over the temporary trauma, the people criticizing us might help us in identifying our faults. Humiliation, if looked at from another perspective, might not be as negative as you think, and the same applies to many other behavior patterns.

5 – Behavior patterns that are not as negative as you might think

Certain human emotions that are considered negative actually keep your healthy and fit. Universe has blessed us with natural ways to keep our mind and body healthy and our emotions play a significant role in that. Here is a list of negative human emotions that are healthy for you.

1. Anger makes you feel liberated


Losing your temper actually makes you feel liberated. It is just that most people are not aware of many different ways to channelize their anger in much more positive ways. Do not keep your anger deep inside you since it may eventually turn into frustration. You get angry when someone tries to take advantage of you or try to humiliate you. When you lose your temper, you must take it out rather the denying the fact. Go to a corner and shout aloud. Hit the pillow and take it out. There is always a reason for all body functions and anger is a mere part of it.

2. Tendency to be alone

Do not take your inner feelings to be alone in a native way. Take it in a positive manner as it allows you the luxury to be with yourself. It is a human need to analyze all options and keep a check on time-to-time changes in the external world around him/her. You must remember the fact that it all great discoveries take place in a lonesome time when you could dive into your deeper self. It is not at all a negative feeling until it is constantly there on your mind. You can utilize this time to get to know yourself better.

3. Not paying attention to what others say


It is good to take suggestion from others around you but it is not always so. You are considered rude and arrogant when you do not listen to others but who cares. When you get an inner desire to listen your heart you must do that. You get the best advice from your inner self. Trust your gut feeling and make important decisions of your life.

4. Going against the rules

One thing that all the great people of the world have in common is that they never abide by rules. When you break rules you get to see new possibilities in life that are usually not there when you keep yourself within certain restrictions. Keep yourself focused on your goals and do not hesitate to break some rules if that guarantees success.

4. When you feel you don’t fit in

It may break your heart for a moment that you are different from others but you must accept the fact that each one of us is different. You are a unique individual with different need and requirements and you must respect the fact. Learn to celebrate your individuality and feel proud to be yourself. Love yourself the way you are.

5. When you feel lost

meet new people

Universe has strange ways to give you learning that change your life forever. When you feel lost in your life, you get in touch with an unknown side to your personality. You are not aware of how brave you can be unless face hardships and come out strong. You get in touch with your unknown talents and meet new people who bring out the best in you. It does not mean that you will never find a way out of your troubles. It just means that you need some new experiences to bring out the best in you.

Learn to accept your emotions, as there is always a reason behind each human feeling.

They turn you into a better human being. A feeling mostly instigates according to the need of your body and mind.

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