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How to deal with greedy people

How to deal with greedy people

The main reason why people become greedy is that they believe that all the others around them are greedy. They believe that by not being greedy they are leaving themselves vulnerable to others who are. No matter how convincing this assertion might seem, it is wrong. Greed is one of the worst qualities we can develop in ourselves. Rather than adopting it to guard our vulnerabilities, we should learn how to deal with greedy people.

5 – Ways to deal with greedy people

Greed is one of the worst aspects that human beings can possess. Nobody likes a greedy person. People try to avoid them; but, it’s just a temporary solution. Here are some effortless ways to handle greedy people in your everyday life.

1. Recognize the reason

lose their relationship forever

Greediness might be found in your family members, partner, relatives, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, or any other loved ones. It describes the attitude of a person about his/her feelings towards others. Greediness is a bad character, but that doesn’t mean that greedy people are bad. They could not appreciate others grow better than themselves. Some people would have become greedy due to their current situations and circumstances. If you don’t realize the reason for their greediness, you could lose their relationship forever. That’s the reason why you should understand the reason for someone’s greediness first. If you find it to be a temporary behavior, the greedy person will turn back to their good character once they get rid of their unfavorable circumstances. If someone is greedy right from their childhood, it’s quite difficult to live with them.

2. Be polite

Anyone who knows how to maintain a cool attitude during unfavorable circumstances, can deal with greedy people easily. You may come to know about someone’s greediness through others. At such situations, don’t get angry and make arguments with him/her. Stay calm and find the reason for his/her deleterious behavior. In most cases, greedy people will approach you in a casual and friendly manner, as if they had never spoken anything ill about you. Always be polite with someone who is being greedy about your growth, wealth, and prosperity. If you can’t stay calm, at least pretend to be it. Because, if they recognize your tension, they might take advantage of it. In case, if they try to mock you by any means, take it easy and leave the place.

3. Accept them as they are

Accept them as they are

One of the most important steps in dealing with greedy people is that you should accept them as they are. For instance, consider the human body. There are many differences in its shape, size, and structure. Some people are stout, tall, and handsome, while some other are short, lean, and ugly. Similarly, some people possess good values like love, friendliness, and positivity, while some other possess greed, hate, negativity, selfishness, etc. You cannot change a dwarf person into a tall figure. Similarly, you mustn’t try to change a greedy person into a good person. If they wish to change their attitude, they would do that by themselves. Accept greedy people as they are. If you try to change them, you may end up with hate and disappointments only.

4. Simply ignore

Ignorance is one of the vital keys to deal with greedy people. If someone is being greedy, simply ignore them as if you were not related to them by any means. If the greedy people are your relatives or loved ones, still ignore them, but for that particular moment or period only. Forget the incidents that had made you feel angry about the greedy people. Forgiveness is a divine quality that human beings can possess. It not only benefits the person whom you forgive, but also relieves you from the trouble you might had with them. Initially, it’s quite difficult to simply ignore the greedy people’s actions and behavior. As you realize the benefits of forgiveness, you will get rid of arduous circumstances and voracious people.

5. Strengthen your positivity


Majority of people think that they don’t have to do anything, when someone is feeling greedy. In reality, there is a technique that make people feel good about greedy people as well. It’s positivity. When you focus your attention on the positive qualities of those greedy people, obviously, you will forget their greedy attitude. In fact, when you start to feel positive, greedy people around you will find the good things in yourself. As time goes by, they will change their attitude towards you, which is good for you and for themselves. Diverting your attention on the good qualities of someone will strengthen your positivity as well. It’s one of the easiest solution to deal with greedy people. Initially, you may find it quite difficult to impart these techniques. However, as you practice them, you will master the ways of dealing with greedy people.

Why greed is bad?

Nowadays many people consider greed as a positive quality. They believe that having more money makes one superior to others, so there’s no fault in being greedy. However, no matter how many theories they might give to justify their assertion. Greed is bad and one shouldn’t accept it under any circumstances. Let us throw some more light on it.

7 – Reasons why greed is bad

1. Greed robs you of your sleep:

Greed robs you of your sleep

First and the last thing that human beings want is sound sleep and that sound sleep can be achieved only when the person is not greedy. But today to find a person who is not greedy at all is as difficult as to find stars in day light.

2. Greed makes you a hoarder:

Greed can cause and the root of almost all problems. People commit sins because they are greedy which is like stealing hoarding and falsehood. There are always two sides of a coin the way greed can be good as well as bad. It can be said so because some work can be done when there is greed in the task involved.  When you provide that incentive work can be accomplished and that is why that greed can be considered as good greed and on the other hand when the greed cause harm to any individual it is considered as bad greed. With greed when the work is accomplished it is called as productive greed and that is almost encouraged by the companies who are engaged in selling business.

3. It absorbs one’s mind

It absorbs one's mind

Unfortunately, greed is always used on the evil side. With example, it can be said that when people retire they are almost unproductive to the society. But the greed to earn more and more never ends that is why there is greed in the world. When the age of retirement is reached one should be gardening, fishing or may be looking after the grandchildren but the scenario is different. Even when the people are not earning the desire to get more and more never ends.

4. There’s no end to material wealth

The next way to term greed is the people who have already inherited so much yet they wish to have more and more. These are most greedy people on earth. To give examples we have Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy who is seen donating many a times. This is because they do not require so much money to live their life. They have already left so much for their children and grandchildren as well. When some part of the money is donated and contributed towards the development of the society then greed can be reduced drastically.

5. It is the root cause of crimes

 root cause of crimes

The most dangerous face of greed is which is earned by illegal and unauthorized way. Day in day out we hear terms like black marketing, hoarding and inflation this is because the people are greedy. They think the storage will create problems in someone else’s life. This gives pleasure to them and hence greed and greed is only present in their mind.

6. Greed does not provide personal and emotional satisfaction

Greed can only lead to consequences which are not in favor of anyone. The weighing balance of human life called as Actions should be balanced properly. If the side with evil actions are more and more the final results can never be favorable. Life is about rewards and one should try to get fruitful rewards. These are the pros and cons of greed. So it is very much clear that greed can only harm the society. With the help of donation and charity greed can be reduced from the society.

7. It kills the good in a human being

greed kills the good in a human being

Greed leads to one result and that is consequences. But the sad part is that greed is almost present in all parts of the society. When there is a desire to get more and more there is one feeling which is greed. Greed can almost kill every good quality which is present in human beings. That is why everyone should know where to stop and where to start. There are so many people who are fall prey to evil side of life. This is because they are greedy. They want more and more and when you get once you want it again and again and that is the entry point of greed.

Greed shouldn’t be encouraged

When we talk about positive side of greed which leads to productivity then that also has a limit. When you go on providing incentives and incentives then it becomes a part of his work so every time you require work you have to provide incentive to him. That is the first step of greed, so incentives and bonus should not be encouraged more.

Greedy person is the most dangerous person because they always think of profit and loss for them every person and every activity. But the sad part of greed is that almost all individuals are greedy and that is necessary to survive in the society. If you are not greedy then you are stepping step of the ladder. But anything in excess is dangerous and hence once should always keep in mind that greed up to a certain extent is good after that it is not recommended.

Contribution and not accumulation is the way of life

Be yourself

To greed more and more is the illusion and hence it should be completely eliminated from one’s life. But to be honest with opinions and the experiences which life teaches it is a fact that greed cannot be completely eradicated from the society. But with so much greed one cannot be at peace anytime. He will miss the sound sleep and always on risk of his life. That is why avoid greed as much as you can. Do not think of accumulating each and every time but also should think of giving as well. That is how we can balance the balance sheet of life.

If you get from life think of giving as well and never think of getting more and more and that is how greed can be minimized. Be in the limits and limit your selfishness.

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