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Don’t get into the trap of greed

Two friends

Two friends met after a long time. Kevin had all the worldly possessions but he was still not happy with his life. On the other hand, Gary had a job that could hardly satisfy his needs and requirements but he was still content with his life.

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“How is everything? Gary asked with a smile on his face.

“Good and how’s your life? Did you get a stable source of income?” Kevin asked.

“Not yet but I am still trying hard. “Gary said.

Gary noticed that Kevin had a low face even thought he was trying hard to keep a smile on his face. They had their coffee and talked about their families.

“You look lost as if you are deep in thoughts,” Gary said.

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“Yes my friend. I stayed at a five star hotel last week. Some people are blessed with everything. They live their dreams and lead a luxurious life. I also want to make a lot of money in life, as my dream is to be one of the richest persons of the world, “Kevin explained.

“That’s good,” Gary said.

Kevin could not keep himself from noticing that Gary never had any complaints about his life, He always had a smile on his face thought he was a poor fellow.

Sad man and his helpful friend

“How come you never look frustrated or lost? You always have a smile on your face. You don’t have a good job or a big house like me but you look content,” Kevin asked.

Gary took a sigh and said, “The neighborhood I live in there are so many people who struggle to make two ends meet. There are kids who have to work to feed their families and people who go hungry for days. They live and die in a hope to eat full stomach. I feel blessed when I compare my life with them.”

That day Kevin got an important lesson of his life. He could understand that we must not forget that time when we are complaining about the food we eat there are millions who go hungry. Be happy with what you have since there are unfortunate others who wish to have a life like yours.

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