7 Disastrous mistakes that make conversations go haywire

While communicating with another person, sometimes you come across some situations, which leave you stunned. Either the person you are talking to, or you yourself, say something awkward that takes you aback. There are times when you do not how to respond. In such a situation, you only wish you were somewhere else. Here are a few mistakes that people often make:

Respond and stop reacting

 stop reacting

You must have come across one such situation when you do not try to understand what other person is actually trying to say and react back. It may turn out to be disaster when the person is one of your colleagues who did not really mean it that way. You may feel even worse when you realize your own mistake a minute later. It is important that you first listen to the other person and respond back instead of reacting. You would not want the other person to take you as someone who lacks emotional intelligence.

Bad habit to assume things

Young depresses stressed business woman at office

You can never be on good terms with the other person when you have already started thinking negative about him/her. You assume that the person is high-headed or hates you for no good reason. In this situation even when you have a conversation, it turns out to be ineffective. The negative feeling within you does not let you bring out the real self. You try to either avoid the person or develop a defense mechanism. You must not make your mind to treat someone in a distinct manner without giving yourself a chance to know them as a person.

Failure to consider the differences

 Splash of emotions men

When you behave in the same manner with everyone who come across you fail to make an effective communication. It is important to consider the differences as you converse with people who may have different needs and requirements. You cannot adopt a similar approach to address school kids and elderly citizens about a social issue.

Let aggression control you

Young couple arguing with each other

When you are in an angry mood, you fail to understand the viewpoint of the other person, and complicate the situation. Your emotions do not let you make up your mind, and keep you from having a fruitful conversation. You are not able to make good decisions and find it even harder to agree with the other person even when you know he/she has the best advice for you.

Suspicious behavior

Hm, are you sure?

If you always doubt the intentions of the other person, you can never have a healthy conversation. You often fail to consider the fact that you have no way to get to know the real intentions of the other person. You assume and make decisions. When both people think in a negative manner, there is no chance to have a wrap thing up without a clash.

Beating around the bush

 Beating around the bush

When you fail to give words to your feeling or find it hard to explain what you actually have on your mind, the conversation goes in an altogether different direction. You try to say something else and the other person fails to get an idea of the whole conversation. You can never convey the message you want to convey if you do not use your words wisely. The reason can be anything.

Habit to dominate the conversation

 Be careful!

If you always give more importance to yourself, then it becomes difficult for the other person to convey their opinions. It is good to have a positive self-image, but it is more important to pay attention to the person you are talking to and make an effort to understand his/her side of the story.

It is important for a healthy communication that you do not try to safeguard yourself all the time. You can never get to the nub of the matter if you assume things or have a negative approach towards everything around you.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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